• ADP5073 EN pin voltage


    I can't find the maximum operating voltage on the ADP5073's EN pin in the datasheet. I see that the absolute maximum voltage is +6 V but what is the operating maximum voltage?

    Regards, Jonas

  • RE: ADP5074 vs ADP5073

    Hi EVC,

    I don't see any issue of replacing ADP5073 with ADP5074.  You are correct, they are same package. Different is the current capability and 1K pricing in web.

    If issue is output capacitance inrush, you may want to increase soft-start time. Please…

  • RE: use LT8642S as inverting Buck Regulator


    Depending on the output current, you may also want to take a look at inverting regulators like ADP5073/74/75.



    There are mounting holes at the four corners of the EVAL-ADP5073.
    Please tell me the board outline and hole position.

    Best regards
  • RE: AD9129 VSSA (-1.5V) biasing

    I would suggest the ADP5073.

  • RE: a question about the parameters of the LTPower CAD

    You may want to check other inverting DC/DC products like ADP5073/ADP5074/ADP5075.  We have an available design tool in excel that can be downloaded from website. https://www.analog.com/en/products/adp5073.html#product-tools

  • RE: Can not turn on ADP5073

    EN is an input pin. It triggers the converter to start switching once EN threshold level is reached. You may want to share your schematic here or send me an email so I can review for you. Check that there is switching at the SW pin.

  • ADP5073 shorts when enabled


    We have experienced a series of problems with ADP5073. I hope this could help someone with similar issues.

    The design is same as the application circuit in the datasheet and the design tool, with 12V input and -2V output. Parts are selected from…

  • RE: +-5 from single +5


    Sorry I misunderstood your requirement to be a dual-output +5 and -5V but you need only one. Another good recommendation would be ADP5073/74/75 depending on your output current requirement.  These ADP-series will require only 1 inductor (simpler design…

  • RE: Regulator with positive input and negative output


    I'd suggest you take a look at the ADP5075 - see http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADP5075.pdf  which can easily meet that requirement.  It forms a very small footprint design and can use shielded inductors which…