• RE: ADP5073 efficiency

    Please check these parts. You can use LTpowerCAD

  • ADP5073 EN pin voltage


    I can't find the maximum operating voltage on the ADP5073's EN pin in the datasheet. I see that the absolute maximum voltage is +6 V but what is the operating maximum voltage?

    Regards, Jonas

  • ADP5073 SLEW pin


    The ADP5073 datasheet states that the SLEW pin can be set to fast, normal or slow. The noise will be lowered by slowing down the slew rate, but the efficiency will decrease.

    My question is: How much lower will the efficiency be when setting SLEW to…



    There are mounting holes at the four corners of the EVAL-ADP5073.
    Please tell me the board outline and hole position.

    Best regards
  • ADP5074 vs ADP5073

    I have a +5V to -15.5V inverter based on the ADP5073. Design based on the Design Tool. I used an output current of 100mA and the tool indicated ADP5073. Though the effective current on steady state is only around 20mA, the startup current is high due…

  • Can not turn on ADP5073


    I have some problem with ADP5073.

    I tried to get a Vout = -10v, with VIN = 3.3V using the circuit in datasheet.

    I gave VDD  (I tried 3.3~5V) and found that VREG was about 0.3V.

    It means that I can not turn on the regulator.

    I tried to send a 3.3v to…

  • ADP5073 shorts when enabled


    We have experienced a series of problems with ADP5073. I hope this could help someone with similar issues.

    The design is same as the application circuit in the datasheet and the design tool, with 12V input and -2V output. Parts are selected from…

  • RE: a question about the parameters of the LTPower CAD

    You may want to check other inverting DC/DC products like ADP5073/ADP5074/ADP5075.  We have an available design tool in excel that can be downloaded from website. https://www.analog.com/en/products/adp5073.html#product-tools

  • RE: use LT8642S as inverting Buck Regulator


    Depending on the output current, you may also want to take a look at inverting regulators like ADP5073/74/75.