• ADP5071 SEPIC + Inverter Mode Layout

    Dear ADI,

    Do you have a reference layout for the ADP5071 in SEPIC Mode on Ch1 and Inverter Output on Ch2, like shown on page 25 of the datasheet?

    Thank you!



  • ADP5071 can't start when load large capacitors.

    Hello everyone,

         As specified in the datasheet, ADP5071 will shutdown if the current exceed the limit. When I use about 100uF capacitor, the start curve is as follow.

         But if I keep increaing the capacitor, it will never work normal. So how can we…

  • How to connect two ADP5071 regulators in parallel?


    I have designed a regulator circuit with ADP5071 for 1A load but I need 1.6A load. In board I have two ADP5071 regulators. Both the regulator outputs are 5V and one has 1.4A load and other has 0.2A load.

    1. Is it OK, if I connect both the regulator…

  • adp5071带负载之后烧坏


  • ADP5071的电阻选择问题



  • Is a disabled ADP5071 safe against reverse currents?


    I have a ADP5071 that is used for a +/-15 V supply. For some tests I would like to disable the ADP5071 by pulling the EN low, and supply the +/-15 V from an external source.

    Is it safe to do so, or would horrible things happen because of reverse…

  • With regards to FB resistor on ADP5071

    Hi ,

    The Feed back resistor given by the Sim Power and the recommended values Table 8. differ greatly. One on SimPower is in order of 10ks and one on Table is Mega ohms .

    Both seems to clear the criteria of 10 time the Ifb .

    Please let me know with…

  • ADP5071 EMI suppression in Radiative Emission certification test


    I've recently developed a power board for a frontend data acquisition system, in which I've the ADP5071 to provide the +/-5V for opamp circuitry. 

    I've used the recommended schematics and board layout described in the datasheet, however during…

  • ADP5071 2 A/1.2 A How to achieve

    hi,I use Input power 5V4A,want to get ±6V,1.5A,but I use ADP507x_DesignerTools,Remind me the maximum current is 1.25and.37,What am i doing wrong?

  • How to handle the pins related negative output on ADP5071?


    My customer use ADP5071 and would like to know how to handle VREF, COMP2, FB2 and SW2 if they don't need negative output ?

    Keiichi Okuji @ ADKK