• ADP5071 layout data


    Our customer will use ADP5071 and is evaluating EVAL-ADP5071.

    He requests that brd file of EVAL-ADP5071 for design referrence.

    Please give me  its brd file .



  • ADP5071 Design tool

    hi sir

    I want to design the adp5071 & adp7182,adp7142 for ADC

    Does ADI Support the design tool?


  • ADP5071 design problem


    I have a problem with the ADP5071, when I enable the chip it starts overheating. I don't have time to exam what is a problem. I have solder it a few time and that is OK. It should give +15.5V and -13.9V. I decided to use the same values of inductor…

  • ADP5071 compensation calculation

    Dear Sir
    I use the ADP5071 for 5V to + 9V / 0.5A and -9V / 0.2A
    I refer to the datasheet on page 20 for RC1, CC1 and RC2, CC2, which is close to the ADP507x design tool.
    I saw EZ reply suggesting to use the ADP507x design tool

    But data sheets table 10 and…

  • ADP5071无电压输出


  • ADP5071 EVB Board Gerber

    Dear All:

    I need to reference ADP5071 EVB Board PCB Layout design, can give me ADP5071 EVB Board Gerber File reference? thanks~


    Best Regards,



  • Differences between ADP5071 and ADP5076

    I'm looking to take a 5V input and generate +15V and -15V. I'm looking at the ADP5071 and the ADP5076 and they look nearly identical. What (besides the input voltage range) are the differences between these two chips and when would one chose one over…

  • ADP5071 - Maximum Output Currents?

    Data sheet maximums say 2.0A positive output and 1.2A negative output, but the ADi Designer (Excel) will only allow 0.9A positive and 0.3A negative ( /-18V out, +12V in, 65C). What am I doing wrong?

  • ADP5071 Design tool problem

    Hello Everyone,

    I am using the excel based design tool. I always get this error:

    ADIsimPE simulation model exists for this product?


  • ADP5071 Issue simulating on LTSPICE

    Hello, I am trying to simulate the ADP5071 with the evaluation board values and parts but I am not having luck.  Can you please let me know what I may possibly have incorrect?  The LTSPICE file is attached.  The boost putput should be +15V and and inverting…