• ADP5071 - Design tool - Runtime error 5


    I have designed a power supply with the ADP5071 which works pretty good. Initial design is for 12V input, +/- 6V output. With LDO I have a very nice +/- 5V PSU. I managed to use the ADP5071 spreadsheet to calculate the design which was perfect.…

  • ADP5071无电压输出


  • ADP5071使用问题



     ,±13V后续所接的负载为30颗双运放OPA器件和8颗仪表运放器件,根据手册数据来看,OPA的典型静态电流为1.2mA,仪表运放的静态电流为2mA,因此计算的功耗预估为1.2x2x30+2x8 = 88mA。


  • Differences between ADP5071 and ADP5076

    I'm looking to take a 5V input and generate +15V and -15V. I'm looking at the ADP5071 and the ADP5076 and they look nearly identical. What (besides the input voltage range) are the differences between these two chips and when would one chose one over…

  • ADP5071 design problem


    I have a problem with the ADP5071, when I enable the chip it starts overheating. I don't have time to exam what is a problem. I have solder it a few time and that is OK. It should give +15.5V and -13.9V. I decided to use the same values of inductor…

  • How to connect two ADP5071 regulators in parallel?


    I have designed a regulator circuit with ADP5071 for 1A load but I need 1.6A load. In board I have two ADP5071 regulators. Both the regulator outputs are 5V and one has 1.4A load and other has 0.2A load.

    1. Is it OK, if I connect both the regulator…

  • ADP5071 Issue simulating on LTSPICE

    Hello, I am trying to simulate the ADP5071 with the evaluation board values and parts but I am not having luck.  Can you please let me know what I may possibly have incorrect?  The LTSPICE file is attached.  The boost putput should be +15V and and inverting…

  • ADP5071 2 A/1.2 A How to achieve

    hi,I use Input power 5V4A,want to get ±6V,1.5A,but I use ADP507x_DesignerTools,Remind me the maximum current is 1.25and.37,What am i doing wrong?

  • ADP5071 compensation calculation

    Dear Sir
    I use the ADP5071 for 5V to + 9V / 0.5A and -9V / 0.2A
    I refer to the datasheet on page 20 for RC1, CC1 and RC2, CC2, which is close to the ADP507x design tool.
    I saw EZ reply suggesting to use the ADP507x design tool

    But data sheets table 10 and…

  • ADP5071 EMI suppression in Radiative Emission certification test


    I've recently developed a power board for a frontend data acquisition system, in which I've the ADP5071 to provide the +/-5V for opamp circuitry. 

    I've used the recommended schematics and board layout described in the datasheet, however during…