• ADP5070 - compensation calc question


    If I'm not using the ADP5070 in CCM but instead have a very light load (say < 100mA) how do I go about calculating the compensation network values?

  • SEPIC mode of ADP5070

    Hello everyone 

      I want to apply  the ADP5070 in SEPIC mode ,but i have no idea about how to select the inductance of positive channel? .

    Is it necessary to select the coupled inductance ?if i used two standalone single-winding inductances ,is it useful…

  • ADP5070 max load current

    I am trying to figure out, how to increase the load current of the ADP5070CP-EVALZ-ND.

    Currently I placed a Load-Resistor (100 - 300 Ohm) between +/- 15 Volt output. It seems like -15V shuts down if R_load<200 Ohm. I need positive and negative output…

  • ADP5070 optional SEPIC design

    Hi there, I'm trying to use the ADP5070 as a SEPIC converter. I already have it set up as a Boost / Buck inverter. I've used the ADISimPower tool provided for the 507x series, but the issue is that it actually doesn't seem to show a value for the second…

  • ADP5070输出异常


  • RE: ADP5070 sepic circuit sees overcurrent condition

    Sorry for long delay. It would be faster if you send me email. I can't exactly tell what's going on until you send me more waveforms including zoomed in version of several nodes. I would recommend that you use our ADIsimPower tool to generate the right…

  • ADP5070 - VREG and SYNC

    Below is the circuit generated by the tool. It shows a connection between Vreg and SYNC through jumper J3 (along with an external clock). I did not find any thing on this in the data sheet. Can somebody tell me what the purpose of such a connection is…

  • ADP5070 AGND and PGND

    As per below design is AGND and PGND connected together and treated as one single gnd?

  • ADP5070 Inductor Selection - SEPIC Mode

    How do you select inductors for using the ADP5070 in the SEPIC mode ? The data sheet only mentions same for Boost regulator and Inverting regulator.

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