• ADP5070 unused output


    Because of difficulties to order ADP5075 I think about using the ADP5070/1 for generating a single negative supply in my design. I am using the device for two different voltages, so I thought I could close the gap with the same device.

    If I use only…

  • RE: ADP5070 has no negative voltage

    Hello AndreiF, well finally the fault was easy. Now my design works. The goal has nothing to do with simulation or other "ideas" behind any tools. The solution for me was, that I did not resprect the given table on page 23 showing the needed values for…

  • Design review-ADP5070-5V to P&N12V

    Hi ADI team,

    Please help review our 5V to P/N12V power design base on ADP5070, Thanks!

  • ADP5070/5071 Loop compensation component selection (disparity between datasheet & ADIsimPower)


    I'm trying to optimize the compensation RC values for our design. I notice the recommended values in the datasheet (Table 10 & Table 11) are vastly different than the recommended value in ADIsimPower. For example below are the recommendations for…

  • ADP5070使用问题


  • ADP5070 Output Voltage issue(0V)

    Hi ADI Team,

    Please find the attached below schematic.

    Given Input Voltage:5V

    We are getting VREG-4.2V 

    EN1 and EN2 both goes up to 5V properly. but we are not getting the both Pos and Neg output Voltages,both are showing 0V.

    Is there some point to check…

  • RE: ADP5070输出异常


  • ADP5070 sepic circuit sees overcurrent condition

    Hi guys,
    I'M using a ADP5070 from analog device to generate a +8V and a -4V . The circuit for the -4V works fine. As for the +8V it does not.
    The circuit used is a SEPIC topology. You can see the circuit schematic in the pictures linked(sepic.png).

  • ADISimPower for ADP5070 SEPIC

    Hi !

    I'm trying to create a +5V and -5V for a 12V source with an ADP5070 using ADISimPower,
    but the tool don't work on my PC.
    I get a visual Basic error, a little help would be appreciated.

  • 使用长线缆供电时ADP5070不能正常工作的问题