• ADP5070 has no negative voltage


    here is my design to have a look at. It was taken from an app note 1:1. Little diff. for the Output voltages, but no Focus here. I do not get any negative voltage out of this device. The upper Regulator works best! Changing R9 and/or R11 and/or…

  • Design review-ADP5070-5V to P&N12V

    Hi ADI team,

    Please help review our 5V to P/N12V power design base on ADP5070, Thanks!

  • ADP5070 Output Voltage issue(0V)

    Hi ADI Team,

    Please find the attached below schematic.

    Given Input Voltage:5V

    We are getting VREG-4.2V 

    EN1 and EN2 both goes up to 5V properly. but we are not getting the both Pos and Neg output Voltages,both are showing 0V.

    Is there some point to check…

  • ADP5070使用问题


  • RE: ADP5070输出异常


  • RE: ADP5070 sepic circuit sees overcurrent condition

    Sorry for long delay. It would be faster if you send me email. I can't exactly tell what's going on until you send me more waveforms including zoomed in version of several nodes. I would recommend that you use our ADIsimPower tool to generate the right…

  • ADISimPower for ADP5070 SEPIC

    Hi !

    I'm trying to create a +5V and -5V for a 12V source with an ADP5070 using ADISimPower,
    but the tool don't work on my PC.
    I get a visual Basic error, a little help would be appreciated.

  • 使用长线缆供电时ADP5070不能正常工作的问题


  • ADP5070/71 Sepic, Buck Boost (PRD1483-r3)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    "ADP507x_Designer_Release.xlsm" references PRD1483-r3 for ADP5070/71 sepic, buck configuration.

    "ADP507x_Designer_Release.xlsm" has some images of the board and gerbers.

    Could I please get the gerbers for this board…

  • ADP5070 Inverting regulator not working

    Hello Guys :) 

    I've done some design for adc & opamp 

    schematics are below

    But positive rail goes properly , but negative rail only goes up to 0.9V and it doesn't switching.

    EN1 and EN2 both goes up to 5V properly. 

    Is there some point to…