• RE: ADP5070 sepic circuit sees overcurrent condition

    Hi Sir, 

    I currently have no load on the circuit.. 

  • ADP5070 sepic


    Please help me to understand what resistors I should use to get +2.5 and -2.5 output from ADP5070 in SEPIC mode? I can`t use ADIsimPower unfortunately.

    Is it right that I should use three inductors (or one coupled-inductor + one stand-alone)…

  • ADP5070 synchronization

    Is it possible to synchronize two ADP5070 without using externally generated signal? Just something like connect pins SYNC tohether with resistor to ground or Vcc to select 1,2 or 2,4 MHz?

    I didnt find this information in datasheet. It is must for reduction…

  • ADISimPower for ADP5070 SEPIC

    Hi !

    I'm trying to create a +5V and -5V for a 12V source with an ADP5070 using ADISimPower,
    but the tool don't work on my PC.
    I get a visual Basic error, a little help would be appreciated.

  • ADP5070 Calculations

    The data sheet mentions formulas for calculating inductor values in boost and inverting mode. I tried to apply this formula with samples from Table 10 (Recommended Boost regulator components) in the data sheet. But i was not able to get a match. Have…

  • ADP5070 Design Review

    Please provide suggestions for my design layout. I have separated power components & feedback components.

    Also eagle gives me dimension errors for all pins of the ADP5070 !

  • EVM of ADP5070


    i want to make dual supply output with single supply input. So how to get 39 V dual supply of ADP5070 EVM with 12 V input.

  • ADP5070 Compensation Capacitors

    What kind of capacitors should be used at COMP1 and COMP2 in the ADP5070. The tool gives me a 1.5uF capacitor. It has not mentioned what kind?

    I am in doubt since i thought of going for MLCC caps, but for this value it was not available.

  • ADP5070地线问题


  • ADP5070 EN1, SW1 not working

    I use a ADP5070  for gernerating +/- 14V by a 5V USB power supply.

    I designed my board with the tools and pretty simmelar to the LTspice model which is avaleable.

    I pull EN1 and EN2 up to 1.4V and i did not connect the SEQ.

    Then i get my -14V at the…