• ADP5065

    I would like to use the ADP5065 stand-alone i.e NO Microcontroller interface. The

    IIN_EXT = High for 500mA Vin limit


    My question
    If USB is present and the battery is NOT present, what voltage will be
    presented to the external system and how much current…

  • About ADP5065 compatible OS


    My guests were considering the use of the ADP5065 and asked questions about the evaluation board.

    Does the GUI for controlling the ADP5065 evaluation board on a PC support Win10?

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  • ADP5065 for LiFePO4?

    I want to design an efficient LiFePO4 charger and Analog Devices offer the ADP5063 however for a 5V input its efficiency is too low because it is a linear design.  The related part - the ADP5065 is an efficient switch-mode design however the datasheet…

  • RE: Solar Charging IC with regulator

    ADP5061 and ADP5065 can be charge at 5V.

  • RE: Battery Management, LED Driver ICs


    What do you think about the ADP5065?

    Please let me know!


  • RE: Quick Charge(TM) 2.0

    I am not familiar with that standard, the chargers we have are the ADP5061 to ADP5065 and have high current limit (1.25A for ADP5065). This is much higher than standard USB and the device being a switching mode will be ablt to provide very fast charge…

  • ADP5065 I²C


    We plan to be using ADP5065 in a new design however one issue is not quite clear to me. I understand that once that VIN is applied the MCU can use the I²C bus to change various parameters, however what happens when VIN is removed (USB power is…

  • RE: ADP5065, question for operations

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADP5065 - USB detection

    The device datasheet mentions an external USB detection device - is there a specific device to which this refers?  I am familiar with the Fairchild FAN3988.  Please advise any other parts for this function.

    Also, is there a reference circuit in your library…

  • RE: ADP5065 battery current

    Hi David,

    ADP5065 would consume Iqiso_b at 0.22uA(typ) or 2uA(max) when VIN is below UVLO. You may refer to table 1 "current consumption" as reference. You may also refer to figure 17 of datasheet to see the Iq figure within different temperature rage…