• ADP5061 I2C Levels

    We are using the ADP5061 in a product and need to read/write reliably over I2C when using USB VBUS or a 3.7V lithium battery pack. We cannot find a mention of the voltage threshold ranges for these bus pins, or DIO1-3 pullup.

    This design currently has…

  • ADP5061 behaviour

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    We are currently using one of you ADP5061 chips, model ADP5061ACBZ-4-R7 to be more precise, and we are facing some unexpected behaviour that probably you can pinpoint.


    The behaviour that we would like to have is the following:

  • ADP5061 default current limit

    Hello everybody,

    I use the ADP5061 as battery management IC on a prototype. The board is powered via USB-C with a fixed configured current limit of 3A. The VINx current limit feature of the ADP5061 is therefore not required. My system draws a current peak…

  • ADP5061 reading via I2C

    Question is related with I2C communications.

    Do I need to use repeated start condition when reading from ADP5061. According
    to the datasheet it is required. But on my I2C bus is only one slave ADP5061


  • ADP5061 Input/Output Capacitance

    On page 36 of the ADP5061 datasheet, it is stated that the output capacitance for the system linear must not exceed 100uF.  I would like to understand what the risk of this is, and whether I can de-couple a capacitance greater than this in any way.  I need…

  • ADP5061: Charge Complete Behavior


    we use ADP5061ACBZ-5-R7.

    If device is configured via I²C, charge is complete after configured termination voltage in adress 0x03 is reached. That's the expected behavior.

    If device is unconfigured, the device works with Default Termination…

  • ADP5061 VISO_S drop issue

    Dear Sir,

    There was a critical issue on DIS_IC1 function in ADP5061 Charger IC:

    Follow below step:

    1. Set DIS_IC1 =1
    2. Start battery discharging (about 3
    3. Set

    The SYSTEM (V_BAT) will drop. (Please refer attached file about…

  • ADP5061 / ADP5062 Battery Charger

    Hi ADI,

    I was looking for a battery charger IC for my design and looking into the datasheet for ADP5061 / ADP5062. I need the reference circuit examples on how this chip is being used at. I was wondering if there is any circuit note or reference design…

  • ADP5061/2  THR temperature detection

    Dear Sir,

    ADP5601/2 has one pin THR design for battery charging temperature detection, if i use this P/N to sense battery temperature, do i need to tie external NTC to my battery pack?

  • ADP5061/62 battery isolation FET


    (1) battery isolation

    Vin = 0V (VBus not connected)

    Vbat > Vweak (system is running from battery)

    is it possible to isolate the battery from the system load by setting the EN_CHG & DIS_LDO bit via I2C --> total system shut down leading to minimum…