• I want do to custom design of ZC706 + ADRV9002EVB boards.

    Hi, Greetings of the day..

    I want do to custom design of ZC706 + ADRV9002EVB boards.

    I have doubt on the "Grounds". The main ZC706 board is GND while ADRV9002 is AGND. How can I merge the two grounds? Does that mean can I change AGND to ADRV9002 and also…

  • RE: Rev B Silicon and R0.2.2020.12

    Hi Oisin,

    Thanks for the reply. We have checked with legacy download option as well. The RED LED turns off but the POWER SUPPLY OK LED, D901, does not Turn ON.

    We will continue the checks on ADP5056 as mentioned on the lilnk.

    However, I would like to…


    Hello Ez team,

    I have a ADRV9026-Eval and it does not work. After debugging, I realized that the power board named ADP5056_PWR_BOARD on the ADRV9026-Eval does not work as desired. 

    When I searched ADP5056_PWR_BOARD, I could not found anywhere to find and…

  • RE: Design strategy for 1.8V domain on ADRV9002

    Hi Taiki,

    We don't have power domain ripple requirement yet, we are still working on it. Based on our experience, if your power ripple is no worse than ADP5056 (on ADRV9002 EVB), the ADRV9002 performance can be guaranteed.  You can find the ADRV9002…

  • RE: AD9707 do I need to separate DVDD AVDD CVDD ?

    Hi Motyl, 

    The supporting team for AD9707 will respond shortly, but meanwhile I have a few comments. Generally, in any mixed signal design it is a good idea to isolate supply domains from one another. Sometimes filtering is good enough (or even a ferrite…

  • RE: Porting ADRV9002 to Cyclone V SoC

    Hi Dragos

    I did notice that the ADP5056 switcher on the FMC card is enabled by the FMC_PG_C2M signal. This is driven by a GPIO mapped to the ARM. The system was not asserting this signal and I measured one of the supplies from this switcher and it was…

  • TES Connection Issues

    For Full Recommended Setup Details

    • Read the User Guide provided at analog.com/ADRV9002
    • Under the ADRV9001 Evaluation Setup chapter we provide details on each element of the platform setup. Be certain that all elements of the setup (Host Computer, FPGA…