• RE: ADP5054 compensation network ,lt space


    1) They are both ok but you need check the efficiency loss. Ferrite bead should be better than feed-through cap for high current load.

    2) There should be ADP5054 simulation file in LTspice but they're separate channel rather in the a whole chip.…

  • ADP5054输出电压范围疑问


  • adp5054 输出异常

    采用 官方提供的参考设计  没有连接负载时  在通到1 输出电压 3.4V    和通到 2   输出电压   3.3V   达不到要求的   通道1 输出电压1V    和通道 2   输出电压   1.35V       13 PIN   18PIN   接GND   44PIN  接 45PIN  vreg 电压      想请教一下   接不接 双通道 MOS管  有什么区别   如果  接上负载时   电压会有下降   这是什么原因?  谢谢   

  • ADP5054 Stencil Recommendation


    We are using ADP5054 in our customised board. We are facing some assembly related issues. Would like to know where we can get 

    1. Stencil design guidelines and 
    2. Reflow profile recommendation ( In the datasheet it is pointing towards JEDEC Specification…
  • How to configure unused power output related ports of ADP5054


    Dear ADI,

    Attach the schematic file.

    It is the power circuit diagram of using ADP5054 in my new project.

    1_8V in the schematic is not used.
    So, I would like to inquire how to fix the ADP5054's unused power output related ports (BST3, SW3A, SW3B,…

  • Selection of Inductor for channel 3 of ADP5054


    We are using ADP5054 in our design.We need to derive 5.5V with 1A load current from Channel 3 of ADP5054.

    I gave this inputs in ADP505x_Buck designer tool and tool suggests to use 12uH SD43-123MLB. Is it fine to go ahead with this inductor MPN?


  • ADP5054 Layout implementation


    Would like to know whether to follow the ADP5054 layout placment as per the details provided in the datasheet of ADP5054 OR to be followed like the one followed in ADRV9008-2 Ev BOARD.



  • ADP5054 Reference Schematic/Board

    Good day Colleagues.
    I am looking for reference design files for ADP5054, Schematics and PCB board files.
    I found only pcb-adp5054-demo-r1.brd. Would be good to get SCH files also, not to redraw it from PDF and then sync with BRD. It could save a lot of…

  • RE: ADZS-21569-EZ-KIT: why is VDD_REF coming from a ($$) 1.8V linear reg. when ADP5054 is already generating 1.8V?


    VDD_REF can be used to source the VDD_ANA power supply for HADC and TMU.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • AD9375 ADP5054 voltages going low while transmitting on TX1 TX2


    We are using the AD9375 reference design in one of our enodeB design.

    We are observing the EVM and channel power as 40dB and -8dBm for the baluns at 775MHZ.

    When we change the balun for wideband 625MHz to 2800MHz it is observed that the power is…