• ADP5052 Rlim pin

    Hi all,

    I am trying to simulate ADP5052 channel 1 and 2 in LTspice there is more one pin on the simulation symbol called Rlim. But there is no pin like that in real IC. What is this Rlim pin on the simulation circuit IC of ADP5052. 

  • ADP5052 : Max Input for Channel 5 LDO Regulator


    We have a own designed board of ADP5052 where PVIN1, PVIN2, PVIN3, PVIN4 & PVIN5 is shorted, although our Input voltage is 5V

    Now I want to increase my input voltage to 8V to get 5V outputs from CH1 & CH 2

    Since specified Input voltage of 4…

  • wrong Voltage of ADP5052's FB pins


    I have a custom design of ADP5052 Adjustable version.  According to ADP5052 datasheet, FB1, FB2,FB3, FB4 are 0.8V, FB5 is 0.5V.

    But in my design I saw that  FB1, FB2,FB3,FB4 are 0.85V and FB5 is 0.55V.  Thats why all output voltages are wrong. What can…

  • about wrong voltage output of ADP5052

    I asked below question. 


    for this question, I added shematic and sw2 signal form in osciloscope.. according to duty cycle, my voltage of 2. channel should be 12V(input voltage…

  • ADP5052

    Hello Everyone, 

    I would like to know what is the recommended buck regulator channel sequence  for ADP5052.

  • RE: ADP5052 output

    This captured take from Zybo Digilent reference design. R=0 ohm is function just for be wire to the output voltage so that it's easy for cut the wire if there is problem in output voltage.

  • ADP5052 Simulation Individual channels

    Dear Team,

    I am trying to simulate the device ADP5052 based on the reference schematic provided in datasheet.  But the simulation module  in LT Spice software has only one channel in the output. as shown below. How to simulate 2 different channels (Channel…

  • adp5052 VREG Problem


    According to datasheet of adp5052, VREG(internal)  is 5.1V. But in my custom design

     I cannot get 5.1V from VREG. It is 0V. What can be problem to do that?

    Thank you

  • ADP5052 Hiccup Protection getting triggered


    I have wanted to bring up a custom board and wanted to use the ADP5052 IC as the PMIC.

    The issue I'm facing is that the 1V rail (channel 2 of the IC) is not coming up and seems to be following the pattern of hiccup protection. I had checked for shorts…

  • ADP5052 internal regulator VREG and VDD problems

    I have a design that we just got back from a CM that is not working.  We reused the ADP5052 portion that we have used on 3 other designs before that worked great.  On the new board the VREG is reading 1.8 instead of the 5.1 we read on an old design that…