• ADP5050

    Further to my prev questions:

    I want to synchronize the IC with 4V 500Khz clock with variable Duty cycle

    what is the mode of sync? falling edge or rising edge?.

  • adp5050&5052

    Hello again,

    Thanks to your support and Meir Mardechayev from Phoenix Technologies we decided to use ADP5052 at our design... few more question:

    1. what is the deference between ADP5050&5052 beside the i2c interface and interrupt pin?
    2. I'm plan…

  • ADP5050 External MOSFET

    Hi All,

    I am looking at the ADP5050 5 channel buck converter, and I have a question regarding the external MOSFET.

    Going thrugh the datasheet, I find it the need for an extarnal MOSFET unclear. The datasheet mentionens that:

    "Channel 1 and Channel…



    I bought the ADP5050 EVAL and tested it - its really good!

    Still, i have two questions:

    1. i would like to configure the ADP5050 output voltage by i2c (without using feedback resistors) and also enable the over voltage latch.

    But if i powering…

  • ADP5050 I2C Interface Control

    Dear All:

    ADP5050是I2C数位介面的PMU Power IC,如果今天我的整个系统都使用ADP5050供电给每一个IC,但是我在I2C数位介面只有跟MCU 连接,且MCU的电源是来自于Vout1~Vout5,在还没有供电状况下,我要如何去设定ADP5050 Vout1~Vout5的输出电压呢?例如:当我的输入电压是12V,此时ADP5050因为I2C还没有与MCU沟通所以Vout1~Vout5是没有电压的,所以ADP5050 I2C与MCU连接是不会通的,所以ADP5050 Vout1…

  • ADP5050 in standalone operation

    I have a standalone application where I need 5 voltages to come up to power an FPGA & some front end circuitry. The ADP5052 looks like a good candidate, but I could also use the  ADP5050 as it is pin-for-pin compatible outside of the I2C bus. The ADP5050…

  • ADP5050 Pin20 as address pin

    we are planing to use The ADP5050 for one of our new products. - Is the ADP5050
    available with Pin 20 functioning as A0 pin, to address two devices on one


    The current version of ADP5050 does not support adjustable address.
  • ADP5050 For I2C Control

    Dear All:

    The ADP5050 is PMU Power IC and have I2C interface from MCU can control it. I need realtime to control ADP5050 each output port actual voltage and current is how much and feedback to my MCU monitor it.But I study ADP5050 Datasheet Rev.0 about…

  • ADP5050 uncleared issues (for me)

    hello everyone,

    i would like to use ADP5050 at my power supply product and i have a few questions:

    1. I need to use the 200 mA LDO as 5.4V input and 5V output (and 150mA) is it possible? how much voltage drop in that case?

    2. What kind of current limit…

  • ADP5050 LDO reference voltage

    I built up a design using the ADP5050 LDO to create 3.3V from a 5.0V input. I selected 1% resistors to get 3.3V with the 0.5V internal reference. I built up several PCB but am not getting 3.3V. 1st is 3.8V (feedback is 0.58V), and the second is 3.5V …