• PSM does not work within Auto PWM/PSM mode in the ADP5034

    In the design when the MODE pin is tied to GND, BUCK1 (Vout = 3 V) operates in PSM at load ~2..10 mA, as expected.

    At the same time BUCK2 (Vout = 1.3 V) works in PWM mode at load 10..30 mA.

    Is it the ADP5034 chip malfunction or there is other reason why…

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    其中有使用到ADP5034 但在Vin3/Vin4 都是輸入1.5V , Vout3=1.2V , Vout4=0.8V

    我找了一下規格書,VIN3/VIN4 輸入為1…

  • ADP5034 ADIsimPower Simulate File

    Dear All:

    ADP5034 ADI will provide ADIsimPower excel file to user simulate use it? for example: BUCK1/BUCK2 inductor SPEC./Size Selection or BUCK1/BUCK2 conversion efficiency simulation and environmental temperature simulation ... etc. I need to use

  • driving the AD9364/65 with switching supplies?

    Would the performance of the AD9364 or AD9365 be degraded if the 1.8V supply on the 64/65 were driven directly by a switcher such as the ADP5034? Do you recommend using an LDO for this application?



  • RE: ADP5037 footprint

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, you can use the footprint information provided for CP-24-1. The metal contacts and thermal pad are almost identical and a 0.30mm x 0.55mm pad works for both cases.

    Regarding the Ultra Librarian symbol, I assume you have installed the…