• ADP5034



    其中有使用到ADP5034 但在Vin3/Vin4 都是輸入1.5V , Vout3=1.2V , Vout4=0.8V

    我找了一下規格書,VIN3/VIN4 輸入為1…

  • RE: ADP5034 regulators sequencing

    The ADP5034 has individual enable pins that can be used to sequence the regulators activation or deactivation. If an external controller is available and not supplied by the ADP5034 the best way is to connect the ENx pins to the controller’s GPIO so that…

  • ADP5034 LDOs difference

    The two LDOs inside the ADP5034 are indicated as “Analog” and “Digital” what is the difference between the two?

  • ADP5034 separated VINs

    Why all the VIN pins are separated in the ADP5034 and other uPMUs? Can I connect these all together to one capacitor?

  • ADP5034 passive components

    Can I use different output capacitors and inductors values beside the one suggested in the ADP5034 datasheet?

  • RE: ADP5037 footprint

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, you can use the footprint information provided for CP-24-1. The metal contacts and thermal pad are almost identical and a 0.30mm x 0.55mm pad works for both cases.

    Regarding the Ultra Librarian symbol, I assume you have installed the…

  • Use of MODE pin in the ADP5034

    I have a processor based system that I would like to power with the ADP5034, since the system will enter periodically in low power mode, what is the best way to use the MODE pin?

  • ADP5034 ADIsimPower Simulate File

    Dear All:

    ADP5034 ADI will provide ADIsimPower excel file to user simulate use it? for example: BUCK1/BUCK2 inductor SPEC./Size Selection or BUCK1/BUCK2 conversion efficiency simulation and environmental temperature simulation ... etc. I need to use

  • driving the AD9364/65 with switching supplies?

    Would the performance of the AD9364 or AD9365 be degraded if the 1.8V supply on the 64/65 were driven directly by a switcher such as the ADP5034? Do you recommend using an LDO for this application?



  • RE: BF518 VDDINT


    We do have highly integrated power management devices suited to power the Blackfin family. Two devices that you can consider are:

    ADP5037: http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/ADP5037.pdf

    ADP5034: http://www.analog.com/static…