• RE: Is there Spice model for ADP3624?

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  • ADP3624 at 5V

    The datasheet for the ADP3624 says that it can use a supply voltage from 4.5V-18V.  The peak output current is only spec'ed for a Vdd of 12V and there are no plots of output current vs Vdd.  I see that the rise/fall times and propagation delays would…

  • adp3624 malfunction at about 1A

    I developed a RC speed control for DC motors. It took me about 2 years to get it finished and recently it has been published in Elektor 2014 7/8 p104. The PWM pulses are generated by a microchip PIC12F1840 and directly connected to both input of the ADP3624…

  • RE: Light modulation

    Hi Andrej,

    I wonder if the driver ADP3624 has rise/fall time comparable with the pulse width: the specs put these times between 10 and 25 ns. Is it not affecting the modulation?

  • MOSFET Driver OTW terminal Abs Max


    I would like to know absolute maximum voltage of ADP3625's OTWb terminal.

    Could I have your help?