• ADP3339s in Parallel

    Hi all,

    The data sheet sheet for the ADP3339 states the the values for the divider resistors, R1 and R2 are chosen to produce a temperature stable output.

    Should I not place several ADP3339's in parallel for this reason?

    The data sheet also says…

  • ADP3339 minimum input power and tolerance

    According to the datasheet ADP3339 has a 2.8 V to 6 V input voltage range. We currently use this device in our design which feed in only 2.48V at the input due to design limitation. I understand that this is not ideal but so far we have minimal fall-out…

  • RE: Recommended 1.8V regulator for 8 DDS chips

    Hi rrosario ,

    I am going ahead with ADP3339 for my design.

    I am using one ADP3339 / 4 DDS(AD9959) chips.

    Thank you,


  • Thermal Information

    For carrying out the analysis the following part specifications are necessary:
    1)Power Dissipation (W)
    2)Junction Temperature (TJ)
    3)Case Temperature (Tc)
    4)Junction to ambient thermal resistance (θJA)
    5)Junction to case thermal resistance…
  • RE: ADP3339AKCZ-5-R7 voltage drop

    Hi Ajith,

    What you are seeing at the output makes sense, with an input voltage of only 5V, you are operating in the dropout region and the highest voltage level you can get at the output would be 5V minus the dropout voltage(voltage drop in the pass…

  • AD9522 separate power supply


    In the evaluation board for AD9522, separate power supplies are used for Vs and Vcp.

    Is it mandatory?

    Can I power both the supplies from a single LDO -  ADP3339.


    Vishnu R.

  • AD8336 Output signal level

    I assembled the circuit that was referring to the Figure5 in the AN-934 in order to make the operation test of the AD8336.

    In order to operate the AD8336 by itself, we have entered a 250mVp-p sine wave.

    When I set GNEG=0.75V and GPOS=1.5V, output signal…

  • RE: getting consistent output from ADIS 16375

    How are things going?  We have had to delay our FAQ on a linear regulator design for the ADIS16375, but I wanted to offer some starting points, in case you are going to do this yourself:

    1. ADP3339 or ADP1741 offer sufficient load transient response and…
  • ADI公司的PLC参考设计


    The PLC board is a complete Industrial Process Control Demo system. It has four
    isolated input channels and four isolated output channels. Total system accuracy
    is 0.05%. The input channels have 24 bit resolution (using A…
  • RE: AD8283CP-EBZ schematic data


    The user guide can be found at the following link:

    Evaluating the AD8283 and AD8285 Evaluation Boards [Analog Devices Wiki]

    I have attached the schematic files for the board.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.