• ADP3338 and ADP3333 replacement for NRND


    We are using the ADP3338 and ADP3333 LDOs extensively in our designs.
    They are showing Note Recommended for New Designs in the webpage.
    Please suggest an exact replacement for these parts (PIN to PIN compatible).

    Vishnu R.

  • ADP3338 replacement, LDO good for radiation environment


    The ADP3338 is marked "not recommended for new designs"  What is the replacement?


    I need to obtain 250mA 2.5V from a 3.3V supply.

    We used  ADP3338 in in a radiation testing…

  • RE: adp3338


  • ADP3338: Thermal and overcurrent protections

    I´m using the ADP3338 LDO, and I´d like to clarify a question regarding thermal
    From my point of view the bigger the termal cooling area on the PCB the better
    (even in the LDO does not have to dissipate many power).
  • ADP3338 - 5V output with 0V input

    I'm designing a system for a car with two use cases. In normal operation, the system is powered by the 12V car battery, which is regulated to 5.6V by a buck-boost regulator and then to 5V by the ADP3338. When the system is outside of the car, however…

  • ADP3338-5 dropout voltage

    Hi,ADI Expert

    I use the low cost LDO adp3338-5 as the digital power regulator for my design.but now i am confused with the one of its features.I quoted the feature here-- 'Ultralow dropout voltage: 190 mV (typ) @ 1 A'.In my design,i supply adp3338-5…

  • ADAU1466 overheat ?

    Hi !

    I would be interested in what happens to an ADAU1466 if it overheats, to compare that to the strange behaviour that I am currently experiencing.

    In the current revision of my DSP board, I am still using the same supply scheme as on the eval board;…

  • RE: 开关电源纹波问题


    目前,我用的主要是LDO ADP124、ADP125、ADP3338,没有找到ADI产品中合适的DCDC

  • RE: ADV7401 Blocky Video


    Please refer below expert comment for unused pins at ez.analog.com/.../17677
        DE_IN,DCLK_IN can be weakly pulled low.
        Output port pins can be left float open or floating
        Input pixel ports can be left floating

    Note: There are specific layout guide lines…

  • RE: Recommended 1.8V regulator for 8 DDS chips

    Hi Prakash BJ,

    The AVDD and DVDD supply pins of the AD9959 draws a maximum of 325mA when all channels are turned on.

    The 800mA maximum output current of the ADM7160 can only supply up to two DDS chips.

    There are higher current output LDOs such as the…