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  • ADP3336 configuration


    Please let me know the values of R1 and R2 of ADP3336 configuration (Ref. Data sheet) if the VOUT is 1.2V.

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  • RE: Noise target for ADAU1701 (AVDD)

    AD's eval board uses not merely a garden variety 3.3V regulator to power the -1701, but a ADP3336 low-noise linear regulator.  Apparently they felt that low power supply noise would show off the -1701 with best advantage.  It will be interesting…

  • RE: CN0269


    Using 5V instead of 6V to power the board should not affect the measurement, but it is still recommended to use the board as specified.

    Looking at the schematic for the board found here it can be seen that the 6V voltage is being regulated to 5V…

  • RE: 关于ADP2300





  • RE: ADP2370 empty board order & 2370 buck designer problem

    Sorry, just a follow up question... The linear regulator ADP3336 has quite low voltage drop. So is there any difference in the strength of noise filtering, if I apply say 3.7v on its input, or 5v? Or the noise reduction is independent of the input voltage…

  • ADP7142 for use with ADAU1701

    I need to drop down from a higher voltage than the venerable ADP3336 can handle and so I'm looking at the ADP7142.  It's only rated for 200ma of current though compared to the 800ma for the 3336 but I think that's still enough for the 1701. …

  • RE: Powering up 1701mini board from external supply.

    Thanks for doing this experiment, Bob. I don't have a lot of in-depth knowledge of LDOs, but I know enough to be able to agree with your assessment.

    Skfir, another option if you are really planning on "retiring" the evaluation board would be to lift…

  • 1/f Noise


    I am very concerned with low frequency noise in Sigma DSP processors. I have tried two different eval boards, the latest one is EVAL 1701. I am measuring 1/f noise that is several microvolts/rtHz (@10 Hz) . I am wondering if you can tell me if…

  • CN0194 - Galvanically Isolated 2-Channel 16-bit ADC


    I am a student in final year of engineering. As a part of our curriculum, we have to make a project. My project is to develop a data acquisition card. The features required for my project is along the lines of CN0194, but instead of SDP board, I…