• ADP3303 No regulation

    Hello. I am connected linear regulator ADP3303 like in first cheme in datasheet, but it didn't work. 

    I tried everything, changed 3 ADP3303, But it's still have output voltage the same as input. My input voltage is 5.5, I need to get 5 volts. I have…

  • ADP3303 Vs ADP7102

    Dear ADI Team,

    We are in the process of selecting an appropriate LDO for our design and i wanted to request for your inputs on ADP3303 Vs ADP7102 for our application.

    (1) In our design, we have a DC/DC converter (NMK2409SAC) generating 9V DC from 24V…

  • ADP3303-5 no output

    Dear Analog Devices Community,


    I cannot get any output at the output pin of my regulator circuit (schematic is attached).


    The SD pin already tied with input pin which is 9V, the output pin does no shorted to the ground, but measured 0V at the output…

  • ADP3303 Minimum Input Voltage


    I want to use AD3303-3.3V in a design. Datasheet says it has an dropout Voltage of 180mV on page 1 of the datasheet.

    On the other side there is page three with specifications:

    Here 0.5V are mentioned. Do 0.3V Input to Output voltage difference…

  • ADP3303 ERR and reverse-polarity protection

    I'm looking to use the ADP3303 in a relatively low-current (<< the 200mA limit of the '3303) 5->3.3V application, with a large capacitor on the output to hold up the 3.3V supply for a short period of time after 5V dies so that the system can log the power…

  • Question of the operating temperature limit of ADP3303

    I ask the temperature range of ADP3303.
    I read Datasheet of ADP3303(Rev. C ).
    It's indicated on 13 pages of ORDERING GUIDE with" Temperature Range−40°C to +85°C".
    But it's indicated on 4 pages with" −25°C to +85°C".

    Isn't ORDERING…

  • 推荐一款输出精度能达到ADP3303-3.3V的线性稳压电源,但是要输出功率大一些。


  • Need a LDO or DC-DC chip

    Now i am using AD7190 for designing my hardware. It is recommended to use ADP3303 in the reference doc of AD7190 . But the ADP3303 do not meet my requirements.

    My requirements as below:

      Input : 24 V

      Fixed OutPut : 5V

      Output current : 200mA to …

  • RE: EVAL-AD5933: Source of VDD in external analog circuit


    For the evaluation board, the VDD you indicated can come from two sources:

    1. The ADP3303-3.3 that regulates the 5V coming from the USB to 3.3V

    2. The external voltage provided on J2

    This is selected through LK6 and when using the ADP3303-3.3…

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