• ADP2503

     现在在使用ADP2503这颗料, 芯片管脚PGND和AGND是不是不能连接到一起,测试中电路不能正常运行,大电流发烫。附件有电路图,电压输入范围在3-4.4VDC。

  • RE: Questions for your ADP2503 datasheet

    Hi Kaos,

    The min switch current limit for the ADP2503 is 1A, and there is no different current limit during startup.

    How much capacitance on the FPGA board that the ADP2503 is powering? Too much capacitance at the output of the ADP2503 may lead to high…

  • ADP2503 Problem



    I have a question ADP2503.


    ◆ Problem
    SYNC = Low Power mode is set. * R50 is not mounted, R51 is mounted 2.5V from J2 → Only THD outputs 4V at TH7.
    If the switching frequency of L2 is measured with an oscilloscope, it does not stabilize from 2…

  • RE: ADP2504 ADIsimPOWER tool simulation

    Hi Shmuel,

    The Simpower tool is designed for both ADP2503/04 depending on the output current. If your output current is low, the tool will recommend the ADP2503.  Thanks!


  • RE: ADP2503/ADP2504 Efficiency Question

    Dear LucaV:

    Thanks for you provide this information to me? but I very confused ADP2503/ADP2504 datasheet  Figure 3 and Figure 4.It's very clear to tell me.  ADP2503/ADP2504  specifications of the Iout in Buck mode or Boost mode maximum output at 600mA…

  • RE: ADP2503 - Noise@400MHz-EMC Testing


    your layout look good. did you try shorting the inductor after the ADP2503? and do you have a capacitor after that inductor?


  • ADP2503-3.3  output error


    I have ADP2503-3.3 , fed from 3.5v. when put Enable in low the Vout is ~1.5volts, why not 0 volts ?



  • RE: Question for 2GND ADP2503

    Hi Kaos,

    The guideline for the switching power supply layout regarding GND is that using separate analog ground planes and power ground planes. Connect the ground reference of sensitive analog circuitry (FB, VIN, SYNC,EN) to AGND, and connect the ground…

  • ADP2503 operation. is it typo? (fig22,23)


    I would like to make sure the datasheet's description.

    Regarding Figure 22 and 23, SW1 and SW2 waveform might be opposite, I think.

    Page 11 of RevC says in buck mode PMOS2 is always active NMOS2 is always off.

    But Fig 22 say SW2 terminal is…

  • ADP2503 for USB device supply

      I designed an USB powered system and I am facing off with several problems caused by USB noise.
    On my system a digital part (MCU) and an analog section (DAC and analog circuits) are placed. I separated using filters…