• RE: Buck DC-DC converter ICs, with internal MOSFET and freewheeling diode ???


    The ADP2441 and ADP2442 cover the voltage range up to 36V with interated 1A synchronous switches, no diodes necessary.



  • ADP2442 EN pin


    I have a question ADP2442 EN pin.

    If ADP2442 is not power supplied , the voltage is impressed on a EN terminal, is it a problem?
    Would there be a damaged possibility?

    Best Regards


  • Comment on Minimum Load Current Operation - Zero load Operation

    I want to run an ADP2442 as a redundant supply which only steps in if a battery fails.  My idea is to set the regulated voltage below the minimum allowed battery voltage.  It's possible that during normal operation (ADP2442 inactive) that the input voltage…

  • EVAL-ADP2442 Gerber and drills file


    One of my customers is evaluating the ADP2442 by using the EVAL-ADP2442.

    They have to install the eval board on the mechanical structure and tighten by using the Screws and they shall identify and define the mechanical location of the halls on…

  • About ADP2442 Inverte


    I would like to use ADP2442 with a negative output voltage.

    When I saw Product selection table, it was written that ADP2442 had an inverting Buck-Boost.

    However, the output was written as 0.6 - 0.9×Vin, when I read a data sheet.

    Is there not…



    I have a question ADP2442 Power Good.

    POWER GOOD in ADP2442 DS P.17.

    It written pull-up resistor should external supply should be less than 5.5V.

    Is it bad that PGOOD pull-up VCC pin (11pin)??

    And ,

    What is VCC that PGOOD pull-up on Figure63…

  • RE: Question about PCB layout of 2 x ADP2442

    First, please make sure the compensation network parameters are correct. You can use ADIsimPower tool to do this.

    Second, after start up, the ADP2442 just stop working for a while or it never start up again?

    Is there any load added on the output?

  • RE: I'm looking for a product

    Hello again, Yuya.

    ADP2442 is recommended based on your specifications. Please refer to link below for the details.


    You can find…

  • RE: Problem with ADIsimPower for ADP2442

    Hi LucaV-san,

    My customer made experimental test with AD2442.

    Test circuit is attached.

    At Vin=+12V or above, ADP2442 doesn't start-up.

    Vin +10.5V through less than +12V, it is okay.

    What is wrong with this circuit?

    In his application, Vin…

  • ADP2442 - VCC load capatibility

    Hi i'm using ADP2442 as inverter. I'd like to use VCC-Pin to source a external component. How much current can i sink from the source pin?