• ADP2441 Floating Pins

    Which of the following ADP2441 pins can be left floating?



    The PGOOD pin can be left floating if not used.

    The ADP2441 requires frequency resistor to be set in order to calculate
    switching frequency. It is recommended to…

  • ADP2441 Precharge Startup

    Does ADP2441 support a precharge startup?


    Yes, ADP2441 supports a precharged condition. If the output voltage is
    precharged prior to enabling, the control logic prevents inductor current
    reversal by holding the power MOSFETs off until the soft…

  • ADP2441 VCC Pin

    What is VCC pin in the ADP2441?


    VCC pin is the output of the internal low dropout regulator. Internal regulator
    supplies power for the internal controller and driver circuitry.  A 1 µF
    ceramic capacitor between VCC and AGND and a 1 µF ceramic…

  • ADP2441 Minimum ON Time

    What is the minimum ON time of ADP2441?


    The maximum operating frequency is limited by the minimum on-time and the
    required duty cycle.  ADP2441 has minimum on time of 50ns.  Low minimum on-time
    makes ADP2441 suitable for applications that require…

  • ADP2441 Peak Current Limit

    The ADP2441 has a peak current limit of 1.6A.  Does this mean I can operate
    the ADP2441 at 1.6A Load current?


    No, peak inductor current does not mean the average load current.  The average
    inductor current is equal to the output (load) current…

  • ADP2441: Factors to Improve Efficiency

    What are the factors I should keep in mind to improve the efficiency of my


    The ADP2441 has internal FETS that are optimized for high efficiency. ADP2441
    offers peak
    efficiency up to 94%.

    To further improve the efficiency of design…

  • ADP2441 External Diode between SW and PGND

    Do I need to connect an external diode between SW to PGND?


    ADP2441 is designed to reduce complexity of power supply design. It has
    internal high side and  low side FETS. It is not required to connect external
    diode between SW and PGND.

  • About "TRK to FB Offset Voltage" of ADP2441


    I have a question about the parameters of ADP2441.
    Only the Typ value is listed in the "TRK to FB Offset Voltage" section of P4 of the data sheet.

    Is there any reference data for the Max value?
    I would like to refer to it when controlling…

  • ADP2441: Heating Issue

    Hi there!

    This is my first post on this platform.

    I have adopted a circuit containing ADP2441 from the electromagnetic flow meter reference design to use in excitation (250mA) of electromagnetic flow meter.

    Reference Circuit:

    The problem I am facing…