• ADP2386 footprint

    While making a footprint for ADP2386 i have notice, that dimentions in datasheet is wrong

    IC side max - 4.1 mm

    Pin length max - 0.5 mm

    Exp pad max width - 1.5 and 1.05 mm

    Pad to pins min gap - 0.2 mm

    Pad to pad min gap - 0.45

    Make some calculations: 0…

  • ADP2386 OVP function


    According to datasheet P.14 OVP section,

    If the feedback voltage increases to 0.7 V, the internal high-side and low-side MOSFETs are turned off until the voltage at the FB pin decreases to 0.63 V.

    At that time, the ADP2386 resumes normal operation…

  • ADP2386 EMI B

    hi Sir

    Does the ADP2386 EVB passed the EMI?

    or have any report for the EMI?


  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - PGOOD feature

    What is the PGOOD feature of ADP2386?


    The PGOOD is an active high, open-drain output that requires an external
    resistor to pull it up to a voltage. A pull-up resistor between 10k to 100k is
    A logic high on the PGOOD…
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - SS pin unconnected

    Can I leave the SS pin open?


    ADP2386 will use internal soft start when SS pin is left open. Follow the
    attached equation to get the internal soft start time.
    Where fSW  is the switching frequency of ADP2386.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Fastest soft start time

    What is the fastest soft start time that ADP2386 can achieve?


    ADP2386 always chooses the slower soft start between internal SS time and
    external programmed SS time.
    If external SS time is programmed faster than internal SS time, the…
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - PGOOD pin open

    Is it OK to leave PGOOD pin open?


    Yes, the PGOOD pin can be left open if not used.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Programming soft start time

    How do I program soft start time of ADP2386?


    Connect an external capacitor from SS pin to GND to program the soft start
    time. Follow the attached equation to get the soft start time.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Setting the switching frequency

    How do I set the switching frequency?


    The switching frequency of ADP2386 is controlled by the RT pin.
    A resistor from RT pin to GND can program the switching frequency according to
    the attached equation.
  • ADP2386, ADP2384 - Support of pre-charge start up

    Does ADP2386 support pre-charge start up?


    Yes, ADP2386 has pre-charge function. If the output voltage is charged prior to
    turn on, ADP2386 prevents reverse inductor current which would discharge the
    output capacitor.