• ADP2384/86-EVALZ Gerber file for ADP2384/86

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    Can you provide  the gerber files for the ADP2384-EVALZ And ADP2386-EVALZ ? Thanks.

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  • ADP2384

    I have a 12V in, 5V out circuit similar to the one in the datasheet, already built up on a board. The 5V side of this power supply circuit drives a bunch of stuff.

    I would like to inject 5V at the output side of the power supply circuit, rather than…

  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - PGOOD feature

    What is the PGOOD feature of ADP2386?


    The PGOOD is an active high, open-drain output that requires an external
    resistor to pull it up to a voltage. A pull-up resistor between 10k to 100k is
    A logic high on the PGOOD…
  • ADP2384 SYNC pin unconnected

    Can the Sync pin in ADP2384 be left unconnected, if external clock synchronisation is not needed?



  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - PGOOD pin open

    Is it OK to leave PGOOD pin open?


    Yes, the PGOOD pin can be left open if not used.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - SS pin unconnected

    Can I leave the SS pin open?


    ADP2386 will use internal soft start when SS pin is left open. Follow the
    attached equation to get the internal soft start time.
    Where fSW  is the switching frequency of ADP2386.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Leaving RT pin open

    Is it OK to leave RT pin open?


    It is always recommended to connect a resistor between RT pin and GND to get a
    stable operation.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Programming soft start time

    How do I program soft start time of ADP2386?


    Connect an external capacitor from SS pin to GND to program the soft start
    time. Follow the attached equation to get the soft start time.
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Fastest soft start time

    What is the fastest soft start time that ADP2386 can achieve?


    ADP2386 always chooses the slower soft start between internal SS time and
    external programmed SS time.
    If external SS time is programmed faster than internal SS time, the…
  • ADP2384, ADP2386 - Setting the switching frequency

    How do I set the switching frequency?


    The switching frequency of ADP2386 is controlled by the RT pin.
    A resistor from RT pin to GND can program the switching frequency according to
    the attached equation.