• RE: Dual-supply design from phantom power

    Jerad and I had some off line discussions and the solutions was narrowed to use a 9V battery and generate a regulated +/-9V supply with an additional 3.3V.


    For the +/-9V:

    You can use the Coupled SEPIC cuk topology to develop the +/-9V (adjustable…

  • RE: Suggest Regulator part No

    Hi Mayank,

    I've entered your design requirements in the ADI voltage regulator tool and came up with several ICs that you could possibly use depending on your preferred specifications. As an example of a simple solution with less external components,…

  • RE: ADP2384 synchronizing to external clock, but not quite what I expected

    Thanks for the reply!

    I was also expecting the behavior shown in Figure 22. The only difference I see is that the SYNC uses 3.3V logic instead of a 5V -- but the SYNC logic levels listed in the specifications are being met.

    The APS signal shown on…

  • RE: ADP2300 PFM/PWM mode

    Hi Tarzan,

    If you are worried about PFM, then you might consider switching to an ADP2370.  This part has a mode pin that allow it operate in force PWM mode so there is no transition to worry about.  This part will also probably give you better efficiency…

  • RE: ADP2303 ripple


    The noise you hear is indicative of a couple of things.

    1-possibly not a stable design

    2-layout issues

    3-maybe the inductor current rating is inappropriate

    you may want to use the design tool for the ADP2303 to identify the needed external…

  • 【重点推荐】基于NDIR和PID的ADI气体探测器解决方案和新产品


    NDIR检测器的优势是灵敏度高、 使用寿命长、维护工作量少并且安全可靠,主要缺点是成本高。NDIR气体检测器常用于检测甲烷和二氧化碳,应用行业有采矿、农业、 石油和化工等。



  • ADI公司针对pH计和电导率仪的水分析解决方案




  • Minimum Load Current Operation - Zero load Operation

    As an application engineer working with customers in the design of linear regulators and switching regulators I have been asked multiple times if a specific device needs to have a minimum load.

    I have worked with LDOs and Switchers for the last 20…

  • ADIsimPower Design Tools Download

    IC                  Design Tool                                                                    Download Tool  URL

    LDOs            ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search  http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADI_LinearRegulators.zip

    ADP1612     ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADP161x_BoostDesigner.zip

  • ADI双光束分光光度计相关方案,你知道多少?