• [ADP2370] BLIP board is not ADP2370 evaluation board.


    I got a wrong information from our Disti FAE.

    about ADP2370 product website.


    In this web page,


  • ADP2370 EN pin

    Regarding the ADP2370 "EN" pin; in the datasheet for the typical application, it is not shown to be connected anywhere but I assume it should be connected to the Vcc. I just wanted to confirm. We are using to step down the voltage from 3.5-10v…

  • Buck split supply on adp2370

    Hi guyz, perhaps it sound kind of silly, but is there any way to generate BOTH negative and positive (+5/-5) volts from a single adp2370? With a boost converter it is quite easy: a couple of extra diodes and capacitors - and voila - a split supply is…

  • Adp2370 fixed voltage simple question

    Hi guys, I have just tried the adp2370 and it works GREAT! Really great, so I will use it for sure in my on-going design. Just wanted to clarify one thing: the idea is I currently use the adjustable version. If I use a fixed one, does it mean that instead…

  • Help debug ADP2370 (fixed 3.0V) but getting 1.6V out


    This is the schematic and just today we got our board and after soldering the buck converter(ADP2370-3.0V) I was surprised to see 1.6v across the capacitor (C1) while I was supplying clean 6.0V DC. Soldering was done in a lab with the professional…

  • ADP2370 (LFCSP_WD) to DIP + 8 DSBGA to DIP

    Hello everybody!

    Recently, I was interested in ADP2370 IC, but since I had never worked with it and since I am kind of an amateur newbie, I wanted to try it fist, but unfortunately could not find any adapter, to fit it into a common breadboard. Just…

  • ADP2370 empty board order & 2370 buck designer problem

    Hello people!

    Could please anybody let me know how can I ask for a couple of empty design boards for 2370? The idea is I tried to use the buck designer software, but every time I start it, the Excel (2011, Mac) says "compile error in hidden modul commonRoutines…

  • Can the ADP2370/ADP2371 be used with lithium thionyl chloride cells to step down 3.6V to 3.3V?

    The datasheet of ADP2370/ADP2371 says that this can be used with multiple alkaline/NiMH, lithium cells or other standard power sources.I want to use this with a lithium thionyl chloride cell LS17500 (3.6V, 3.4Ah) to step down 3.6V to 3.3V to power my…

  • RE: ADP2108 Quiescent Current Question

    ADP2370 works better near drop-out. I think your test is correct.


  • RE: AD9912 power supply


    In general I would point you to the ADIsimPower tool for identifying your best options

    Here are a few options for you in the meantime:

    - For the 14.8V to 5V you can use the ADP2370 or the ADP2300 (1/2/3)

    - For the LDO from 5V to 3.3V we have…