• ADP2360 Question


    I have a question ADP2360.

    1.Where is Iq measuring?
       Is there material of a measuring circuit?

    2.Do you have a parameter leakage current to Vin Pin?
       I want to know leakage current to Vin Pin when both EN is ON and OFF.

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  • About EVAL-ADP2360

     Is CSS(for soft start capacitor) is implemented this bord?

    If implemented, I want to know  Value .

  • ADP2360 max output current


    in the datasheet of ADP2360 it is written "the max output current is slightly less than half of peak current IPEAK(through inductor)".

    When I check the specs at p. 3 I see I peak is >=126mA (for 0 Ohm), whereas by table 5 at p.12 140mA…

  • use ADP2360 as a current source


    i want to use ADP2360 as a current source in my design. so i connected FB pin to a current shunt resistor .

    i intend to get 20ma current over temprature range -40 to 85 .

    ADP2360 has an internal 0.8v internal reference voltage and i am worry about drift…

  • ADP2360 fig19 detail data request

    Can I get fig19 detail data?

    (I will use this device 41V±4V and 27V±2.7V)

  • ADP2360 (adjustable output) - bottom feedback resistor selection


    Any recommendations about selecting the bottom feedback resistor?

    In the datasheet a use case of 115K ohm is shown, but it fits for 3.3V.

    I need to produce output voltages of 12V up to 33V.



  • ADP2360 as dc-dc converter for loop-powered system


    I'm designing a board which will be powered from loop-powered system with  24v/3.2mA input.

    I want to convert it to 3.3V/12mA output.

    So i want to use adp2360 as dc-dc converter but the problem is in LTSpice the minimum input current from supply…

  • RE: AD5421 + AD5700-1 wrong loop current and lack of modulation

    additional info.

    Customer have to use external regulator ADP2360 because of high consumption os scheme. Censor consumes 10 mA peak current every second (0.8 Hz), to compensate this, customer added three big capacitors to input of adp2360.

  • RE: DEMO-5700D2Z: AD5421 unexpected current in loop

    Hi Rainier,

    Yes, the voltage regulator is still working properly and there is no short between -LOOP and COM pins. Thus I'm unable to conclude what might have gone wrong. I will wait to receive new set of ICs and get back to you on this.


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