• adp2323 emi and snubber design

    I am using the ADP2323 for one of our designs and i can see low amplitude spikes (10mVpp) at the switching frequency on some board outputs (on clock signals ). I was wondering if an RC snubber circuit at the output MOSFET could help reduce these spikes…

  • 使用ADP2323设计中的问题

    在使用ADP2323设计中,需求是12V输入5V@1A 和3.3V@2A 输出,完全按照 ADP232x Buck Regulator Design Tool 进行硬件设计,但实际调试过程中5块板子只有一块3.3V输出正常,现象是空载的时候3.3V是正常的,一旦FPGA加载程序,电压就掉到2.3V附近,请AD工程师指导一下调试思路,谢谢

  • Tips for soldering a ADP2323 for a prototype

    Apart from pre-warming this part at 125 degrees for 24 hours  to remove any moisture does anyone have any recommendations to solder this chip onto a board ?

    I have allowed a 3 mm plated through hole to allow soldering onto the E-pad but the amount of…

  • RE: 降压模块

    我们现在提供的是双通道输出的降压型DC-DC芯片,如ADP2323. 没有您提到的降压模块产品。


  • RE: Re: ADSP-21489 1.1V and 3.3V switching regulator options

    Hi LucaV,

    The reason I take ADP1864 and the power sequencing control as a design reference is that its function and performance have been proven in ADSP-2148x EZ board. It is the first time for me to use switching regulator in PCB design. Because of…

  • RE: ADP2323ACPZ ripples at output

    C112, C117 and C120 perform the large load for the output of the ADP2323. During soft start, it requires large input current to charge those capacitors to Vout within the soft start time. If the soft start time is too short, the charging current may trigger…

  • RE: Need recommendation for a dual supply converter solution for ada4938.

    "Just to give you an idea of the performance level you can achieve directly from a switching regulator, look at the attached example, and I will be posting one based on the ADP2323 soon"

  • RE: Looking for power...


    let's start with the LDOs, which I assume you are running them from the 5V rail.

    You could consider the ADP222 (dual 300mA) or the ADP323 (tripple 200mA).

    The Linear Regulator design tool will help you with determine if these devices will…

  • RE: ADP505X EVM Reference Schematics

    Hi Ranganadh K,

    Your operating currents across all rails are too high for the chip to handle simultaneously, and this will cause the die temperature to increase, and the part will go into thermal shutdown. Are these your max currents? I suggest that…

  • RE: ADP2114/2116 output current

    Hi Ymsk,

    1) Theoretical, it is possible to connect the two converters in parallel to double the maximum load current. However, some modifications are needed to maintain load sharing and stability between the two converters and reduce input and output…