• RE: adp2323 emi and snubber design

    Thanks very much for your response Luca V. The problem seems to occur from one of the switcher output of the ADP2323. The layout is good with enough power supply filtering. So it is hard to believe this is conducted noise. The other problem is that this…

  • Tips for soldering a ADP2323 for a prototype

    Apart from pre-warming this part at 125 degrees for 24 hours  to remove any moisture does anyone have any recommendations to solder this chip onto a board ?

    I have allowed a 3 mm plated through hole to allow soldering onto the E-pad but the amount of…

  • RE: 降压模块

    我们现在提供的是双通道输出的降压型DC-DC芯片,如ADP2323. 没有您提到的降压模块产品。


  • 使用ADP2323设计中的问题

    在使用ADP2323设计中,需求是12V输入5V@1A 和3.3V@2A 输出,完全按照 ADP232x Buck Regulator Design Tool 进行硬件设计,但实际调试过程中5块板子只有一块3.3V输出正常,现象是空载的时候3.3V是正常的,一旦FPGA加载程序,电压就掉到2.3V附近,请AD工程师指导一下调试思路,谢谢

  • RE: Re: ADSP-21489 1.1V and 3.3V switching regulator options

    Hi LucaV,

    The reason I take ADP1864 and the power sequencing control as a design reference is that its function and performance have been proven in ADSP-2148x EZ board. It is the first time for me to use switching regulator in PCB design. Because of…

  • RE: Need recommendation for a dual supply converter solution for ada4938.

    "Just to give you an idea of the performance level you can achieve directly from a switching regulator, look at the attached example, and I will be posting one based on the ADP2323 soon"

  • 软件无线电技术百问百答

    咱们专家在媒体论坛中举办了“集成式软件定义无线电”的技术讲座,介绍了将RF到基带的高速模拟信号链与FPGA数字信号处理相结合,可用于无线通信。话题涉及高速模拟信号链、直接变频无线电架构、高速数据转换器接口以及软件定义无线电中的FPGA数字信号处理。演示使用新一代的模拟器件高速数据转换器、RF和时钟器件以及Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC。其它话题包括调制器/解调器导致的系统问题,特别是温度和频率变化造成的影响。探讨可以减少这类问题影响的工厂和现场算法,尤其是一劳永逸的工厂预制算法。(…

  • 工程师百问百答系列之——软件无线电



  • ADP2114/2116 output current


    I am trying to consider DC-DC regulator to the power of analog circuit with a high sensitivity. As a result of reading the attached file, I want to consider the ADP2114/2116.

    1. Using single mode, it outputs 4A/6A. For example, by connecting

  • RE: ADP505X EVM Reference Schematics

    Hi Ranganadh K,

    Your operating currents across all rails are too high for the chip to handle simultaneously, and this will cause the die temperature to increase, and the part will go into thermal shutdown. Are these your max currents? I suggest that…