• ADP2303 LTspice PGOOD

    ADP2303 PGOOD line only goes to 1V in LTspice. As I have a pull up to 3v3 this is not what I expected based on the datasheet. Can you confirm that the model is wrong in LTspice, or does the part actually perform like this?

  • ADP2303 ripple


    A ADP2303 provides the power of an AD1974 @ 16kHz in my circuit. But when I listen to the audio a weird tone is hearable. This tone seems to be introduced by the ADP2303 (the tone changes when I change inductor value).

    The current setup is: Vin…

  • ADP2303 LTspice model

    Does the spice model of the ADP2303 operate in a inverting buck-boost application?

    I used the ADP230x BuckBostInvert spread sheet to design a simple 5 V to -12 V power supply. 

    To test some input and output filters I wanted to run some simulation in LTspice…

  • ADP2303 inductor question


    Recently I made a buck converter with the ADP2303 5V fixed output using the circuit given in the ADP2303 datasheet. Input 12V, output 5V. Components are as recommended by the datasheet, except for the inductor. I needed a 4,7uH inductor and thought…

  • ADP2303 regulation problem


    We designed two regulator circuits on same PCB by using ADP2303 based on the example circuits in its datasheet. These regulators are manufactured to get constant 3.3 V, 5V and 3 A at the output. The input voltage applied to regulators are same,12…

  • Exposed pad of ADP2303



    Is the exposed pad of ADP2303 internally connected to GND pin?  Or floating ?

    Which should the exposed pad externally connected to in 'inverting' configuration, system ground ? or GND pin level?


    Best regards

  • Thermal resistance:Theta-jc of ADP2303


    I have found theta-ja=58.5C/W in ADP2303 datasheet.

    But what is theta-jc value?? because I can't find it in datasheet.

  • ADP2302/ADP2303; 4 layer PCB required?

    Hello all:

    I'm considering revising a buck converter board that I've designed to use the ADP2302/3 devices instead. I've reviewed both the datasheet and the UG-189 eval datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/cn/technical-documentation/evaluation…

  • ADP2303输出电感温度太高


  • ADP2303, estimating DCM at Inverting Buck topology


    When using ADP2303ARDZ adjustable output at Inverting Buck topology, actually 6V input and -(minus)5V output with 1.2A load, how do I estimate minimum(boundary) load value which is NOT going into Discontinuous Conduction Mode ?

    I downloaded ADP230x…