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  • ADP2302 ADIsimPower


    I try to use ADIsimPower with ADP230x buck designer v2.1 file.

    I tried :

    Vin min : 11V

    Vin max : 15V

    Vout : 5V

    Iout : 2A

    Ambient temp : 55°C

    Design for : cost

    I click on "view solution". There are some errors with L1 and C1 values but I…

  • ADP2302 self-destructs


    I would appreciate some assistance in debugging my ADP2302 design.

    I am using the fixed 5V version of the device to provide a switching power supply that will accept between a 9 and 20 VDC input and provide 5 VDC to my board at up to 2A.  However…

  • ADP2302 output noise issue


    I am powering FPGA board with ADP2302 , 1V , 1.8V and 3.3V are the supplies derived using ADP2302.


    I am feeding 15V as a input to ADP2302. The output has a lot of noise and unwanted spurs.


    Please see attached circuits for all 3 voltages and…

  • ADP2302 not starting up.

    With the ADP2302, I am encountering a problem where the device does not begin operation, does not turn on, about 2% of the time after the power switch is flipped.

    The max input is +16.5V and implements the UVLO as described in the datasheet, the EN pin…

  • ADP2302/ADP2303; 4 layer PCB required?

    Hello all:

    I'm considering revising a buck converter board that I've designed to use the ADP2302/3 devices instead. I've reviewed both the datasheet and the UG-189 eval datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/cn/technical-documentation/evaluation…

  • ADP2302 do not want to be loaded


    I'm currently prototyping a product in which I use an ADP2302 as a 12Vin/7Vout 1.8A regulator, but I'm facing a strange phenomenon.

    When I measure the output without any load, everything is fine, I get 7 volts.

    But as soon as I connect…

  • ADP2302/ADP2303 fails when powered from SLA battery

    Hello All,

    We designed a circuit using ADP2302 to step down the supply voltage from 10-13.5V to 3.3V for the microcontroller and it's peripherals. We followed the reference circuits and layout without dramatic deviations from the original. While testing…

  • RE: ADP2302的PGOOD引脚的使用