• ADP2301 ESD testing


                   Below is MP2359 schematics. Our ADP2301 is p2p solution to drop in. While customer testing ESD 2.5KV, MP2359 will pass the ESD testing. But ADP2301 will happen 3.3V drop suddenly while ESD 2.5KV then recovery to 3.3V. Customer already modify…

  • ADP2301 outputs 2.5V instead of 5V


    I am trying to make a DCDC converter using the ADP2301. The design is more or less taken from the design tool ADP230x_BuckDesigner_Release.xlsm. 

    Down below is a picture of my circuit: 

    I was hoping to get 5V as output, but instead i am seeing 2…

  • ADP2301 PCB Layout Or Gerber File

    Dear SIR:

    I have tested ADP2301-EVALZ Evaluation Board, is also very satisfied with the results of the test, but I want to follow ADP2301-EVALZ Evaluation Board PCB Layout way to design my PCB Board, can provide PCB Layout files or Gerber File to me…

  • extreme high input voltage needed voor ADP2301 3.3V circuit


    I have made a design with the ADV7611 HDMI receiver. I used the exactly the same power supply circuits as described in the ADV7611MINI-HDMI2VGA-SCH-RevA.pdf The supply original circuit is powered from a USB input source, so it should be able to work…

  • 求教ADP2301样例电路中的电感作用




  • RE: voltage indicator

    It looks like you need a couple of comparators. You will have to set them up to control one or the other LED and or turn on a power supply for the LEDs. Let me know if you have specific questions about the parts.

    The ADMP356 may be useful


  • How switching frequency affects to Circuit in step down switching regulators?

    How switching frequency affects to Circuit in step down switching regulators?

    Means for CCTV cameras- higher switching frequency switching regulator (ADP2301-1.4 MHz) is better or 700 kHz switching frequency regulator ADP2300?

    Also why?

  • ADP2441 Inverting Voltage Output Application

    Dear All:

    ADP2301 ADI有提供一个Reference Design (PRD1140)可以把Vin:+5V 变成Vout:-5V,但是现在我的Vin:30V Vout:+12V/120mA与-12V/120mA,我可以使用ADP2441达到正电压输入转正/负电压同时输出的原理图吗?请问有原理图可以提供给我参考吗?

    Best Regards,


  • About estimating duty cycle

    Hi there, I have a question about On duty about step-down converter.

    According to the basic principle, on duty is estimated like Duty=Vout/Vin, but the results of the measurement result is a bit different.

    I'm using ADP2301-Eval board and checking ON…

  • RE: Powering OP choices

    Hi, Neousys-Brad.

    Thank you for using ADI products. With regards to +5V supply, there are many dc-to-dc buck regulators that can produce +5V from a 12V supply such as ADP2301, ADP1613, etc. For the -5V you may try ADP161X or ADP1621. You may also want…