• ADP2301 PCB Layout Or Gerber File

    Dear SIR:

    I have tested ADP2301-EVALZ Evaluation Board, is also very satisfied with the results of the test, but I want to follow ADP2301-EVALZ Evaluation Board PCB Layout way to design my PCB Board, can provide PCB Layout files or Gerber File to me…

  • RE: voltage indicator

    It looks like you need a couple of comparators. You will have to set them up to control one or the other LED and or turn on a power supply for the LEDs. Let me know if you have specific questions about the parts.

    The ADMP356 may be useful


  • 求教ADP2301样例电路中的电感作用




  • ADP2301 outputs 2.5V instead of 5V


    I am trying to make a DCDC converter using the ADP2301. The design is more or less taken from the design tool ADP230x_BuckDesigner_Release.xlsm. 

    Down below is a picture of my circuit: 

    I was hoping to get 5V as output, but instead i am seeing 2…

  • How switching frequency affects to Circuit in step down switching regulators?

    How switching frequency affects to Circuit in step down switching regulators?

    Means for CCTV cameras- higher switching frequency switching regulator (ADP2301-1.4 MHz) is better or 700 kHz switching frequency regulator ADP2300?

    Also why?

  • About estimating duty cycle

    Hi there, I have a question about On duty about step-down converter.

    According to the basic principle, on duty is estimated like Duty=Vout/Vin, but the results of the measurement result is a bit different.

    I'm using ADP2301-Eval board and checking ON…

  • RE: Powering OP choices

    Hi, Neousys-Brad.

    Thank you for using ADI products. With regards to +5V supply, there are many dc-to-dc buck regulators that can produce +5V from a 12V supply such as ADP2301, ADP1613, etc. For the -5V you may try ADP161X or ADP1621. You may also want…

  • ADP2441 Inverting Voltage Output Application

    Dear All:

    ADP2301 ADI有提供一个Reference Design (PRD1140)可以把Vin:+5V 变成Vout:-5V,但是现在我的Vin:30V Vout:+12V/120mA与-12V/120mA,我可以使用ADP2441达到正电压输入转正/负电压同时输出的原理图吗?请问有原理图可以提供给我参考吗?

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  • RE: extreme high input voltage needed voor ADP2301 3.3V circuit

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: ADP2303 ripple


    The noise you hear is indicative of a couple of things.

    1-possibly not a stable design

    2-layout issues

    3-maybe the inductor current rating is inappropriate

    you may want to use the design tool for the ADP2303 to identify the needed external…