• AD5141 in feedback loop of buck regulator


    We intend to use a AD5141 in the feedback loop of a buck regulator, for example as RFB2 with an ADP2300. Can this be considered a 'common use' of the AD5141 or do we have to expect problems compared to using a standard resistor?


  • RE: CN0359 Eval Kit Circuit Changes

    Can you go into more detail about choosing the right ferrite bead? I understand the implementation described in the application note, but still am not sure how to choose the correct ferrite bead. The ADP2300 in the circuit has a switching frequency o…

  • RE: AD9912 power supply


    In general I would point you to the ADIsimPower tool for identifying your best options

    Here are a few options for you in the meantime:

    - For the 14.8V to 5V you can use the ADP2370 or the ADP2300 (1/2/3)

    - For the LDO from 5V to 3.3V we have…

  • AD5755 power supply


    some questions about AD5755 power supply:

    1. I want to use only 0 - 10V, 0 - 20mA and 4 - 20mA ouput signals. Is a dual voltage supply +/- 15V still required ?

        Or can I use +24V for AVDD and 0V for AVSS ?

    2. CN-0198 shows a 5V supply circuit…

  • ADIsimPower Design Tools Download

    IC                  Design Tool                                                                    Download Tool  URL

    LDOs            ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search  http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADI_LinearRegulators.zip

    ADP1612     ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADP161x_BoostDesigner.zip

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    bf609的外接SPI flashbootlaoder程序和应用程序分区问题!




    关于AD9361 ADDA采样率的问题


  • RE: ADP2303 ripple


    The noise you hear is indicative of a couple of things.

    1-possibly not a stable design

    2-layout issues

    3-maybe the inductor current rating is inappropriate

    you may want to use the design tool for the ADP2303 to identify the needed external…

  • RE: low negative voltage PSU for precision ADC


    powering op-amps (or ADCs) with dual supplies is a common requirement. There are multiple ways of solving this problem depending on what voltages are already available to you.

    For example, if you have a positive voltage and need to generate a…

  • FAQ: Powering op-amps (or ADCs) with Dual Supplies


    How do I power op-amps (or ADCs) with Dual Supplies?



    Powering op-amps (or ADCs) with dual supplies is a common requirement. There are multiple…

  • 详解开关稳压器设计的PCB布局布线