• FAQ: Powering op-amps (or ADCs) with Dual Supplies


    How do I power op-amps (or ADCs) with Dual Supplies?



    Powering op-amps (or ADCs) with dual supplies is a common requirement. There are multiple ways of…

  • AD5141 in feedback loop of buck regulator


    We intend to use a AD5141 in the feedback loop of a buck regulator, for example as RFB2 with an ADP2300. Can this be considered a 'common use' of the AD5141 or do we have to expect problems compared to using a standard resistor?


  • ADP2301 outputs 2.5V instead of 5V


    I am trying to make a DCDC converter using the ADP2301. The design is more or less taken from the design tool ADP230x_BuckDesigner_Release.xlsm. 

    Down below is a picture of my circuit: 

    I was hoping to get 5V as output, but instead i am seeing 2…

  • RE: How switching frequency affects to Circuit in step down switching regulators?


    there are many variables in selecting the appropriate switching frequency for your design.

    In general with higher frequency the efficiency will be a bit lower but the circuit design will be smaller as long as the duty cycle is not limited…

  • AD5755 power supply


    some questions about AD5755 power supply:

    1. I want to use only 0 - 10V, 0 - 20mA and 4 - 20mA ouput signals. Is a dual voltage supply +/- 15V still required ?

        Or can I use +24V for AVDD and 0V for AVSS ?

    2. CN-0198 shows a 5V supply circuit…

  • RE: AD9912 power supply


    In general I would point you to the ADIsimPower tool for identifying your best options

    Here are a few options for you in the meantime:

    - For the 14.8V to 5V you can use the ADP2370 or the ADP2300 (1/2/3)

    - For the LDO from 5V to 3.3V we have…

  • Comment on ADP1621_ADP2300/01_正转负

    ADP1111是一款非常旧的产品,ADP2300/1是新产品。但是,考虑以下客户关于24V转-24V的要求,这两款器件均不合适,因为存在电压额定值限制:[Vin]+[Vout] < 最大工作电压。


  • ADI中文技术论坛:专家解答热帖(2014年6月汇总)



    bf609的外接SPI flashbootlaoder程序和应用程序分区问题!




    关于AD9361 ADDA采样率的问题


  • RE: ADP2303 ripple


    The noise you hear is indicative of a couple of things.

    1-possibly not a stable design

    2-layout issues

    3-maybe the inductor current rating is inappropriate

    you may want to use the design tool for the ADP2303 to identify the needed external…