• adp2291

    We are using the Compact, 1.5 A Linear Charger for Single-Cell Li + Battery. We have implemented the circuit of fig.24 of the ADP2291 data sheet. Everything works perfectly, but in the absence of Vin, the battery is discharged with 3-4mA.…
  • ADP2291

    Designed for Imax @ 750mA based on Datasheet (Figure 23 exact, except D1 is 1N5819 instead of BAT1000)

    Rs = 200mOHM

    Radj = open


    Vin = 5.9V (Voltage Drop across D1 is 0.301V)

    Vrs = 15mV

    Vadj = 2.975V

    Vchg = 0.001V

    Disconnected Battery…

  • ADP2291 Evaluation Board


    I an DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    NI Medical, one of my customers would like use evaluation board of ADP2291.

    This evaluation board is not avalable on product detailes page on ADI site.

    Please advise what is a Part Number of eval…

  • ADP2291寻求帮助


  • ADP2291 dont indicate for charging the battery

    Hi Folks,

    I am Using the ADP2291 . I have two circuits parallel which they are Isolated with BAT1000 to support the system .

     I am using Sanyo Battery 18650(4.1~3.7 V ,2800mA).

    I used the application circuit with HERMAL PROTECTION, figure 25 on data sheet…

  • PNP transistor selection for the ADP2291 at 1 Amp continuous current


    Hi All,


    In our lithium ion battery charging design based on ADP2291, we are looking for the suitable PNP transistor.


    Our design specs are below


    #Charging input is from Solar Panel of 12V output.


    #Connected Battery is  Li-ion Battery…

  • RE: Battery Management, LED Driver ICs

         Hi Rob,

         Look at the ADP2291 for charging your Li-ion cell



         Best regards,


  • Li-polymer battery charger


    Can we use ADP2291 or ADP5065 for Li-polymer battery charger?

    In my understnading, a Li-ion battery charger IC can also use for Li-polymer battery charger. But I would like to comnfirm it just in case.

    Best regards,


  • RE: Li-Ion battery Charger


    Without knowing about your specific voltage and current requirements,.you may want to take a look at a product such as the ADP2291.  It is a linear charging IC that would keep your li-ion battery charged.  Then you could use a battery backup IC such…