• adp2291

    We are using the Compact, 1.5 A Linear Charger for Single-Cell Li + Battery. We have implemented the circuit of fig.24 of the ADP2291 data sheet. Everything works perfectly, but in the absence of Vin, the battery is discharged with 3-4mA.…
  • ADP2291

    Designed for Imax @ 750mA based on Datasheet (Figure 23 exact, except D1 is 1N5819 instead of BAT1000)

    Rs = 200mOHM

    Radj = open


    Vin = 5.9V (Voltage Drop across D1 is 0.301V)

    Vrs = 15mV

    Vadj = 2.975V

    Vchg = 0.001V

    Disconnected Battery…

  • RE: Battery Management, LED Driver ICs

         Hi Rob,

         Look at the ADP2291 for charging your Li-ion cell



         Best regards,


  • RE: ADP2291 Evaluation Board

    We do not have an EVAL board for the ADP2291.

    Other options could be ADP5061 or ADP5062


  • RE: PNP transistor selection for the ADP2291 at 1 Amp continuous current

    Hi Mayank,

    You may find below chart as recommended PNP transistor. It's also shown on page 13 of ADP2291 datasheet. Thank you.


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  • ADP2291 dont indicate for charging the battery

    Hi Folks,

    I am Using the ADP2291 . I have two circuits parallel which they are Isolated with BAT1000 to support the system .

     I am using Sanyo Battery 18650(4.1~3.7 V ,2800mA).

    I used the application circuit with HERMAL PROTECTION, figure 25 on data sheet…

  • RE: Li-Ion battery Charger


    Without knowing about your specific voltage and current requirements,.you may want to take a look at a product such as the ADP2291.  It is a linear charging IC that would keep your li-ion battery charged.  Then you could use a battery backup IC such…

  • Li-polymer battery charger


    Can we use ADP2291 or ADP5065 for Li-polymer battery charger?

    In my understnading, a Li-ion battery charger IC can also use for Li-polymer battery charger. But I would like to comnfirm it just in case.

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