• RE: AD9706 OTCM pin powered from ADP223 LDO

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  • spice model for ADP223?

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  • Please let me know about ADP223.


    Please let me know about ADP223.

    Regarding the datasheet.
    5/14—Rev. D to Rev. E
    Deleted Paralleling Outputs to Increase Output Current Section and Figure 70.

    1.Why is this sentence has been deleted?
    2.Is it possible to increase the current by  the…

  • AD9706 OTCM pin powered from ADP223 LDO

    We have a development card using 2 x AD9706 DACs to drive a zero-IF IQ modulator that requires a DC bias of 1.15V. We have set the full scale current to 5mA (Radj = 6.45K). We have set the OTCM to 0.5V, derived from a ADP223 Dual LDO. We have a load resistance…

  • Voltage Regulator for 16-bit ADC AD7626

    We are looking for an appropriate low-noise, low-drop voltage regulator to
    power the 16-bit ADC AD7626. Which device is a better fit : ADP3334 (5V, 2.5V)
    or ADP7104 (5V, 2.5V)? Is there any other voltage regulator that is more
    suitable than those…

  • RE: Double LDO with ADP5134

    Hi Moto,

    I meant that instability might also occur due to other events, such as line and load steps, recovery from output short, etc.

    About the adp223, here's a discussion on paralleling the outputs, and it's also not advisable to tie the two outputs…

  • RE: ADP323 - Fall back connection


    I am not sure I understand you exact use case, are you interested in using 2 channels of the same ADP323 or 2 separate ADP323.

    Using 2 channels on the same IC and parallel them, although not ideal, can be done. In fact we used to recommend that…

  • power rating required for the damping resistor in the pi prefilter circuit as described in the AN1120.

    Hi Team!

    I have gone through the Application Note 1120 Noise source in the LDO. I need to work the circuit on the 24V battery with automotive noise protection. I have used PI prefilter to increase PSRR mentioned in the AN. The values of the components…

  • ADP223ACPZ output voltage adjustment

    I am using a ADP223 device on one of my prototype cards and I have a question about setting the output voltage on both VOUT1 and VOUT2.

    With VIN at +3.3V I want to have +0.5V on VOUT1 and VOUT2, do I have just a 0R resistor connected between the ADJ…