• About ADP2138/39

    Hi there,

    I have questions about ADP2138/ADP2129.

    Regarding, ENpin and Modepin, these pins have either internal pull up  or pull down?

    If so, please let me know whether it is pull-up or pull-down ?


  • ADP2138 Current Limit Details

    Reading the ADP2138 datasheet, I see a description of the IC having current limit circuitry, but I would like to know what that circuitry does to limit the current. Does the circuitry shut down the regulator? If not, how does it source the additional…

  • ADP2138 fails permanently when enable toggles quickly

    In our design the ADP2138 fails permanently when enable toggles quickly.

    Has anyone seen this behavior?

    Is there an errata for this part?

  • ADP5023 - ADIsimPower Simulation Tool


    My name is Meir and I am  DFAE from Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    One of my customers would like to simulate the ADP5023 by using the excell based ADIsimPower simulator.

    As I understuood, the BUCKs of ADP5023 are based on ADP2138 core, is it…

  • RE: ADP5023 power design support tool


    the ADP5023 is a combination of 2x ADP2138 + LDO.

    You can use the ADP2138 design tool to get you to a design for the ADP5023 switching channel.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADP5034 ADIsimPower Simulate File

    Hi Jacky,

    You could use the "ADP21xx Buck Regulator Design Tool" as it covers the ADP2138 3MHz Buck regulator which is similar to the ADP5034 Bucks. Be wary though that the ADP2138 maximum load current is only at 800mA, so when you enter in the design…

  • RE: Load fluctuation data for ADP2120


    load transient depends on the ammount of capacitance added to the output.

    You may want to consider using the ADP2120 design tool to identify how much capacitance you will need for a specific transient requirement.

    ADP21xx Buck Regulator Design…

  • RE: Can the ADP2370/ADP2371 be used with lithium thionyl chloride cells to step down 3.6V to 3.3V?

    The ADP2370/ADP2371 may not be able to step down 3.6V to 3.3V if the output current is high, say >0.5A, due to the power losses in the IC and the inductor.

    The design tool is available at :ADP237x Buck Regulator Design Tool

    you could also try some…

  • RE: Minimum Inductor Value of ADP2118


    the min inductor value for the ADP2118 is around 1.5uH. It is not described in the datasheet because different inductors (even if specified at 1.5uH) may have lower inductance at full load.

    The best way to determin the min inductance for the…

  • RE: Adjustable vs. fixed voltage option

    How to modify an ADP2138CB fixed voltage eval board to adjust the output voltage.

    The board we are modifying is the ADP2138CB. In this case we want to set the output to 2.3V. Remember you can only set the voltage higher. We are using the fixed 1.8V ADP2138…