• RE: Question for your ADP2120

    Thanks Jess,

    Maybe my ADP2120 have broken....

    BR Kaos

  • RE: ADP2120 operating in a discontinuous mode when synchronized.

    If the ADP2120 is not synchronizing maybe your clock source is not compliant with the specs.

    100ns min pulse and VH=1.3V, VL=0.4V


  • ADP2120 exposed pad


    Is the exposed pad of ADP2120 internally connected to GND pin?  Or floating ?   

    Best regards

  • RE: Load fluctuation data for ADP2120


    load transient depends on the ammount of capacitance added to the output.

    You may want to consider using the ADP2120 design tool to identify how much capacitance you will need for a specific transient requirement.

    ADP21xx Buck Regulator Design…

  • ADP2120 max Cout


    What is the max recommended output capacitance allowed on the ADP2120?  The datasheet specifies a min of 22uF, but can another 100uF or 200uF cap be added to this Cout distributed elsewhere on a board?  At what output capacitance woudld the device…

  • RE: ADP2138 Current Limit Details


    as you mentioned since the ADP2138 does not have a Pgood signal the only way to now if you have reached a current limit condition is to monitor the output voltage externally. But even in that condition the output could be only slightly out of…

  • RE: Minimum Inductor Value of ADP2118


    the min inductor value for the ADP2118 is around 1.5uH. It is not described in the datasheet because different inductors (even if specified at 1.5uH) may have lower inductance at full load.

    The best way to determin the min inductance for the…

  • RE: ADSP-2148x E-pad question

    I use a 2.2mm center hole. This is sufficient for hand soldering. A 5mm hole is much too big.

    On the 100 pin 21489, I used 24 sounding vias with 0.2mm holes

    For hand soldering, we start with a small heater, Hakko FR-830. This preheats the board for…

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