• About the outputvoltage accuracy of ADP2119

    Hi all,

    I have a question on ADP2119.
    Regarding the ouput voltage accuracy of the fixed output version,
    Do you have any data on it?
    I want to achieve1.0 output voltage within 3 % errors.

    So It would be great if the information of  internal FB resistors…

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  • RE: buck boost for gsm module

    Unfortunately we do not currently have a buck-boost that is capable of delivering 1.5A from 1.8V.

    It could be done with a boost regulator such as the ADP1614 charging a large enough cap and followed by a buck regulator like the ADP2119.

    The only buck…

  • RE: Power supply for MEMS

    I am really sorry that this post was not answered.  If this becomes an interest again in the near future, you can use a switching regulator, but would want to pay close attention to managing your output ripple and any other noise sources.  The ADP2119 might…

  • RE: 14-bit ADC, how quiet of a power supply is needed?

    Hello Fernando,

    For your application using the AD9467, we have successfully used the ADP2119 to power two AD9467s on a single system board without a big compromise in performance. So it would not be a stretch to power four AD9467s using AD2119 (you may…

  • RE: Load fluctuation data for ADP2120


    load transient depends on the ammount of capacitance added to the output.

    You may want to consider using the ADP2120 design tool to identify how much capacitance you will need for a specific transient requirement.

    ADP21xx Buck Regulator Design…

  • RE: Minimum Inductor Value of ADP2118


    the min inductor value for the ADP2118 is around 1.5uH. It is not described in the datasheet because different inductors (even if specified at 1.5uH) may have lower inductance at full load.

    The best way to determin the min inductance for the…

  • RE: ADSP-2148x E-pad question

    I use a 2.2mm center hole. This is sufficient for hand soldering. A 5mm hole is much too big.

    On the 100 pin 21489, I used 24 sounding vias with 0.2mm holes

    For hand soldering, we start with a small heater, Hakko FR-830. This preheats the board for…

  • RE: Max-Min ripple required for ADC AD7764


    The power supply you suggested will probably give you an output voltage ripple in the 15mV-20mV range. I am not sure this is low noise enough to power the AD7764. Unfortunately we have not tested it with this level of noise on the power supply…

  • Silence is Golden: Learn Ways to Reduce Noise at the Avnet Power Forum, Sept. 19

    Guest Blogger: Chris Cooper, Technology Director for Power, Avnet EM

    Noise-sensitive circuits, such as analog- to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), amplifiers, and phase lock loops (PLLs) demand low noise power supplies…