• ADP2119 Supply Current


    I want to know the ADP2119 supply current. I have read the datasheet. I couldnt find it. Can you help me?
  • ADP2119 Inductor


    I am using ADP2119-ACPZ-R7 in the following condition; Vin=3.3V, Vout=1.8V. I didn't find  recommended inductors in datasheet. Inductor should be 1.5uH but I am not sure DCR, saturation current and DC resistance value . Can you recommend inductor…

  • ADP2119 -LTSPICE


    I am using ADP211-ADJ. I built the circuit given in the datasheet, but I see 3.68V instead of 3.3V in ltspice. Could ltspice be giving wrong results?

  • 关于ADP2119的问题


  • About the outputvoltage accuracy of ADP2119

    Hi all,

    I have a question on ADP2119.
    Regarding the ouput voltage accuracy of the fixed output version,
    Do you have any data on it?
    I want to achieve1.0 output voltage within 3 % errors.

    So It would be great if the information of  internal FB resistors…

  • RE: Can ADP2107 handle 2.15A burst load?

    Hi Prithvi,

    Thank you for your interest in using the ADI parts in your application. May i know why you choose ADP2107 instead of newer, simpler (internally compensated) but cheaper ($1.25 vs $1.5) part like ADP2119? The ADP2107 and ADP2119 were both can…

  • RE: Better device than TI TPSM8281x

    Please start to check with LTC3307 or ADP2119. https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltc3307a.html or www.analog.com/.../adp2119.html

    Other options (copy and paste to browser): here: www.analog.com/.../11491

  • Incorrect Output Voltage from ADP2119ACPZ-1.2-R7

    Dear Team,

    Kindly refer to the schematic snapshot below for ADP2119ACPZ-1.2-R7.

    We are getting 0.6V at the output of this regulator at inductor L1 even though this is a fixed output voltage regulator. The branding of LFK printed at the regulator confirms…

  • RE: Power supply for MEMS

    I am really sorry that this post was not answered.  If this becomes an interest again in the near future, you can use a switching regulator, but would want to pay close attention to managing your output ripple and any other noise sources.  The ADP2119 might…

  • RE: buck boost for gsm module

    Unfortunately we do not currently have a buck-boost that is capable of delivering 1.5A from 1.8V.

    It could be done with a boost regulator such as the ADP1614 charging a large enough cap and followed by a buck regulator like the ADP2119.

    The only buck…