• Minimum Inductor Value of ADP2118

    Hi everyone.

    I have a question about ADP2118.
    I'm useing ADP2118 in  the following condiiton; Vin-5V, Vout-3.3V(Duty: about 0.7).
    But how should I caluculate Minimum vallue of INDUCTOR?
    I can't find any caluculating fomula on the datasheet.

    I also…

  • ADP2118 Current Mode Output


    Since ADP2118 has current mode output, I assume that it is possible to connect two or more of these converters in parallel to increase the current output. I want current output of 6A whereas ADP2118 can support 3A continuous current.

    But in the…

  • RE: Switching regulator's output ripple.

    The transient response of a switching regulator depends on several factors; primarily the regulator’s architecture (voltage mode or current mode), the switching frequency, the value of output capacitance, and the inductor value.

    The value of output…

  • ADP2118: fixed Output FB Pin

    Could you please tell me with the fixed voltage versions of ADP2118ACPZ-R7
    should Rbot and Rtop should be connected?


    Please connet the FB Pin dirctly to Vout.
    The resistors Rbot and Rtop are implemented internally.

  • 为什么ADP2118输出不正常?




  • PGOOD terminal is floating. OK?


    ADP2118's PGOOD terminal is open drain output.

    Is it ok floating when PGOOD doesn't use?

    Datasheet said PGOOD is an active high, open-drain output and requires a resistor to pull it up to a voltage.

    Any problem if that terminal was open…

  • RE: Load fluctuation data for ADP2120


    load transient depends on the ammount of capacitance added to the output.

    You may want to consider using the ADP2120 design tool to identify how much capacitance you will need for a specific transient requirement.

    ADP21xx Buck Regulator Design…

  • RE: Control Architectures

    Some of the legacy products (ADP182x family) use the voltage mode control. Few variants of Current mode control architecture are predominantly used in all the recently released controllers and regulators from ADI. These variants are:

    Peak current mode…

  • RE: Use the ADP2118 tracking input to minimize current-sense resistor value?

    As far as using the TRK input goes in the manner you described, it will work. However, there are other factors to consider specific for the application you just described.

    1) ADP2118 has a fixed internal compensation. This means that the external component…

  • RE: power up sequence in Blackfin

    Hi BobK and other DSP supports , 
    I uses two ADP2118 eval boards to support 1.2V and 3.3V for ADSP-BF533 eval board. Below is our test results :
    1.        The 3rd pink wave is the “ SYSCLK” output . The 4th green wave is the DSP “ /RST” input .  Current…