• ADP2114 startup failure

    Hi ADI Engineers,

    Now I have a problem about ADP2114 startup.

    When I enable ADP2114 after 20ms from VIN, ADP2114 does not start up as the attached picture.

    However when I enable ADP2114 as same timing as VIN, ADP2114 start up correctly.

    This symptom…

  • ADP2114 PGND


    Please let me know about PGND connection.

    ADP2114 has 4 PGND.

    Are PGND1/2 and PGND3/4 connected internally? Or are they kept separate?



  • ADP2114/2116 output current


    I am trying to consider DC-DC regulator to the power of analog circuit with a high sensitivity. As a result of reading the attached file, I want to consider the ADP2114/2116.

    1. Using single mode, it outputs 4A/6A. For example, by connecting

  • RE: 14-bit ADC, how quiet of a power supply is needed?


    Yes I found this article just after I sent the note.  I also found CN-0137, another app of the ADP2114 with a 16-bit ADC.  From these articles and your input, I'm going to follow the ADI design closely and use the ADP2114.  It works for ADI,…

  • RE: AD9781 power supply

    The most sensitve supply if CVDD18. On our latest eval board we use the  ADP2114   synchronous step-down, switching regulator and derive all supplies from this regulator with separate routing and decoupling. We do not have power supply ripple rejection specs…

  • RE: CCLK for ADSP-21489 is not manipulated as per PMCTL config in my target board.

    Dear Sir,

    I didn't try your simple code on custom board for validation of Flash memory, Since then onwards our custom board giving problem. We are on job to solve the problem, but till now it show casing same problem.

    The problem is "we generated…

  • RE: ADV7612 regulator recommendations

    Hi Sonya,

    For the ADV7612 on EVAL-ADV7612-7511, I used an ADP1715-3.3 to generate 3.3V from 5V and an ADP1715-1.8 to generate 1.8V from 5V.

    I don't think we've had any issues with this approach, but the 5V to 1.8V is quite a large voltage drop, so on…

  • RE: Control Architectures

    Some of the legacy products (ADP182x family) use the voltage mode control. Few variants of Current mode control architecture are predominantly used in all the recently released controllers and regulators from ADI. These variants are:

    Peak current mode…

  • 开关电源纹波问题


    2)为何 负载轻是纹波比负载重时纹波大?


    thank you!

  • RE: 关于ADP2300