• ADP197:

    I'm using a 3.6V (28Ah) Lithium battery pack as the power source to power the
    device. The load varies between
    0.025uA in sleep mode and approx. 2A (when running the embedded GPRS modem for
    data transmission). I'm switching the power…
  • RE: Default on power switch


    at these current and voltage levels you may want to consider the ADP197.

    Connecting the EN pin high through a pull up resistor (10k, 100k) will keep it on but allow you to turn it off by shorting the EN to GND.


    Other parts…

  • 2.5A Load Switch

    I'm looking for a load switch capable to switch loads up to 1.25A continuous and 2.5A pulsed for 0.5 seconds.

    The device is also used as inrush current limiter.

    Recently, I ordered an evaluation board for the ADP197 load switch (6-Ball WLCSP package…

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