• RE: ADP1850, ADP1877 and ADP1829 - key differences

    Here are the key differences:

    1)  1) ADP1850 can be used in 2 phase mode for high current (50A) – ADP1829 or ADP1877 cannot do this.

    2)  2) ADP1850 and ADP1877 have power saving mode at light loads – ADP1829 does not have this feature

    3)  3) Free running…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • ADP5003 & ADP1850 Regulator Layout :Analog GND Separation

    Dear Analog Device Team

    In one of our design, we are planning to use ADP5003 and ADP1850 as per the block diagram attached.

    In this system, we are using three regulators 

    Regulator 1 : ADP1850 (12V INPUT, 5V,3.3V OUTPUT)

    Regulator 2 : ADP1850 (12V INPUT…

  • ADP1850/ADP1851 PCB Layout Question

    Dear All:

    I read "AN-1119-Printed Circuit Board Layout Guidelines for Step-Down Regulators..." documents have some question, would like to ask ADP1850/ADP1851 the thinnest 4-layer PCB Board thickness how much? 1.6mm feasible? ADP1850/ADP1851 demo board…

  • FAQ: Layout of Switching Power Supply


    Are there recommendations available for a switching regulator supply layout?



    Yes, many of the techniques are presented in the ADP1850…

  • ADP1850 Current limit resistor

    I am having trouble getting the correct value for the current limit resistor.  Based on the formula on the datasheet (page 16) the resistor should be increasing with increased output current but experimentally in Ltspice I have found the reverse to be…

  • RE: ADP1850 Layout Query

    Hi Prashanth,

    It's a good way to use 0ohm resistor to separate two grounds. And it's easy for the layout.



  • RE: Artix 7 Power supply design

    Thank you YanLiang ! 

    One more question, Are there any simulation models available for use with ADISIMPE for LTM4633,LTM4634, ADP1850 and ADP5054 ? I'm unable to find these in the software that I downloaded.

    Thank you,

  • ADP1850/ADP1851 外部MOSFET 问题

    Dear All:

    请问一下ADP1850/ADP1851 外部的DL/DH MOSFET为什么需要各摆2颗MOSFET,主要用途为何?为什么需要DL/DH需要各摆2颗?就以ADP1850的BSC0902NS MOSFET来说"ID=100A"已经可以满足需求了,为何还要各摆2颗MODEFET,如果我有空间上元件摆件空间的问题,我可以DL/DH可以各摆1颗MOSFET就可以吗?

    Best Regards,

  • RE: Control Architectures

    Some of the legacy products (ADP182x family) use the voltage mode control. Few variants of Current mode control architecture are predominantly used in all the recently released controllers and regulators from ADI. These variants are:

    Peak current mode…