• ADP1763: Max capacitive load that ADP1763 can support

    In our design, we are using a single ADP1763 to power a RF TRx IC. A 10uF is placed at the output of ADP1763.

    The evaluation board of the RF TRx IC suggests a number of parallel caps to be added at the individual power pins of the TRx IC. Effectively…

  • ADP1763 Output capacitor


    I would like to use the ADP1763 for a design and I need some clarification regarding the choice of the output capacitor.

    The datasheet recommands to use a 10 µF capacitance with an ESR of 500 mOhms or less to ensure the stability.

    The output…

  • RE: Paralleling more than two ADP1765

    Hi Michael, 

    For your design, you could refer to this application note which discussed the different considerations in configuring LDOs  in parallel. Also, it used ADP1763 as an example which should be helpful on your design. It will also be good if you…

  • RE: Power good resistor; default SS time; figure error

    Hi Ben,

    1. The PG pin is an open drain connection. If not used, leaving it open is just ok but tying it to GND is better.

    2. Figure 25 of ADP1761, ADP1763 is correct. Please refer to that. Equations 1 and 2 are applicable above a certain Css (Css > 10nF…

  • Noise below 100Hz in ADP1762/ADP1764

    I am trying to determine which ADP1760 series regulator to use. I have a low current requirement (<2A) so it would seem that ADP1762 would be fine.

    However, the ADP1764 and ADP1765 regulators have significantly lower noise below 100Hz than ADP1762…

  • RE: LDO ADP1765 parallel for 1.8V/ 40A RF power application

    Hi Arthur,

    Paralleling 8 should be fine as long as you follow design considerations when paralleling.

    For paralleling multiple ADP176x, please refer to this guide discussing the different considerations in configuring LDOs in parallel. The sample LDO…

  • RE: ADRV9009 decoupling capacitors

    Typical peak currents are as below.

    Current (A) PIN (V) Typ Peak current(A)
    VDDA_1P3_BB E5 1.3 0.635
    VDDA_1P3_CLK_LDO N1 1.3 0.172
    VDDA_1P3_RX_RF B1 1.3 0.058
    VDDA_1P3_AUX_VCO_LDO C10 1.3 0.154
    VDDA_1P3_CLK_SYNTH G5 1.3 0.003
  • RE: ADRV9026 adi_adrv9025_CpuStartStatusCheck show "ldo configuaration error"

    When faced this problem, I first doubt the 1.3V analog rail.  I recheck all pins which 1.3V power supply(I use oscilloscope probe placed to a bypass capacity which is directly under the pin i want measured).  

    the ground point i select a point nearby(about…


       1.    According the data sheet  ,the SIX PINS(A4, A5, A10, A11, B4, B11) belong to the Analog Power Supply for the Clock Domain.

    What is the role of the beads and resistors in this circuit in the demo board?   

    2.According the Table 47 in the data sheet ,the…

  • Wrong out voltage ADP1763ACPZ0.95-R7.

    I have ADP1763ACPZ0.95-R7.
    Vin=1,3 V
    Expected Vout=0.95, but we have 1,86 V
    Can you help me?