• ADP1762 sense pin

    Is the sense pin able to be routed separate from Vout for a remote sense of the voltage at the load? Is this a high impedance input? The eval board and the datasheet both seem to just combine the sense and Vout copper at the LDO output and request that…

  • ADP1762 output voltage ripple

    We are planning to use the ADP1762 as an analog power supply for an Ethernet controller. This controller has requirements regarding maximum peak-to-peak voltage ripple in the range from 100 KHz to 1 GHz. The ripple requirements varies from 1mV to 20mV…

  • LTC7151S and ADP1762 3D-models

    I am looking for 3D-models of the LTC7151S and ADP1762.

    Are these available?

  • RE: Thermal resistance θJC and θJB for ADP1762


    Please see below theta-JB and theta-JC for ADP1762 16L-LFCSP tested under JEDEC standard conditions:


  • output voltage tolerance calculation ADP1762-ADJ


    I would like use ADP1762 adjustable LDO.

    My application needs power supply +0.975V +-0.025V (≙ accuracy 2.56%) at 1.7A.
    Supply voltage tolerance sourced to LDO input is +1.8V +-0.1V.
    Ambient temperature definition from 0°C to +40°C.

    How I have…

  • Noise below 100Hz in ADP1762/ADP1764

    I am trying to determine which ADP1760 series regulator to use. I have a low current requirement (<2A) so it would seem that ADP1762 would be fine.

    However, the ADP1764 and ADP1765 regulators have significantly lower noise below 100Hz than ADP1762…

  • Power good resistor; default SS time; figure error

    I have a couple question on the ADP1762:

    1) If we don't use Power Good, can we leave the PG pin disconnected?

    2) What is the default startup time with no capacitor connected to SS? The specifications table says 0.6msec. Formula (1) on pg 11 calculates…

  • AD9694 EVAL AVDD1

    I have designed an ADC board based on the AD9694.

    For the power approx 1V power rails (AVDD1, DVDD, DRVDD1) I followed the AD9694 evaluation board design and used an ADP1762 with the voltage adjust resistor = 6k34 and the same two stage filter circuit…

  • adrv9026评估板供电问题



  • ADP1763 Output capacitor


    I would like to use the ADP1763 for a design and I need some clarification regarding the choice of the output capacitor.

    The datasheet recommands to use a 10 µF capacitance with an ESR of 500 mOhms or less to ensure the stability.

    The output…