• AD9361 + ADP1755


    AD9361 1.3V range in 1.267V ~ 1.33V, tolerance only 2.5%.

    If use ADP1755 to design,

    Looks like all of tolerances depends on external resistor, ADP1755 ADJ has no any tolerances, right?





  • AD9361 + ADP1755


    AD9361 datasheet 有標明1.3V range 應該在1.267V~1.33V, tolerance 大概2.5%左右~~

    假設參考ADI 建議的 ADP1755~~

    就datasheet 所描述, 是否所有誤差的產生都在外部電阻, ADP1755 本身的ADJ output沒有任何誤差???


    另外, power 文件有提到, 除了ADP1755 LDO 之外, 也可使用switching 的方式~~例如ADP5040~~

    但AD5040的誤差更大, 應該無法達到AD9361的標準…

  • ADP1755 output voltage drift

    Hi all, 

    I use ADP1755 to generate the 1.3 V for AD9364. 

    Based on the ad_fmcomms3_reva schematic, I design the AD1755 circuit to convert 2.5V to 1.3V as the following.

    PS: D1V5 means 2.5 V source voltage.  

    For the larger board, everything works correctly…

  • ADP1755 Thermal parameters


    One of my customers is looking for an additional parameter (not listed in the datasheet) of the ADP1755.

    They need the junction to case thermal resistance or the maximum case temp of the device.

    This parameter is required for thermal analysis…

  • ADP1755+AD9364电源问题


    1 ADP1755的demo板通过电阻将输出分为5路,我每一路单独加电,输出正常,是1.3V.

    2 ADP1755后端全部断开,输出正常1.3V.

    3 外接稳压源到1.3V,测量电压也是正常。


  • ADP1755 Operating Temp Limit Question

    For the ADP1755, page 5 of the datasheet (absolute maximum table) gives a “Junction temperature range” of -40C to +125C, then a “Junction temperature” of +150C.  Is the former the operating temperature limit?

  • ADP1754/ADP1755 - SS pin unconnected

    I found Vout image for internal soft start on datasheet.

    Can I leave the SS pin open ?

  • adp1755 低温纹波导致9364杂散


  • RE: ADP2164 and ADP2164-1.8

    We are using ADP2164   1.8V  fixed voltage regulator. (R105 = DNP  and  R65 = 0ohm)

    The same for the ADP1755 (fixed 1.3V regulator) R25=DNP and R66=0ohm.

  • RE: ADP1755ACPZ-R7 ESD considerations

    Hi Ankur,

    According to the ADP1754/55 Reliability Report, the ADP1755 passed ESD Levels up to (also see attached image below):  

    FICDM            Passed up to +/-1500V 

    HBM               Passed up to +/-2500V

    MM                 Passed up to +/-200V


    Best regards,