• ADP1720和ADP3300的选择问题


  • problem to clamp a signal with adp1720


         I'm using an ADP1720 - Adj as a 2.5V power supply.

         By using a resistor (2.21K) and a diode (BAV99) a differential amplifier (AD8221) output is clamped to 2.5V .

         When the amplifier output is 12V, this signal is clamped to 4V instead of…

  • ADP1720:空载输出正常,接负载后电压反而升高




  • What is the output voltage when I use 3.3?


    The ADP1720 says that the supply voltage is from 4v to 28v in order to make it work properly.

    My question is that if now I use 3.3v for the input voltage, what will happen? Is the output voltage is 3.3v or something else?

    Thank you.

  • Error with CN0381

    I think there is a mistake in design CN0381 with the IOV_DD voltage regulator. The ADJ resistor pair for the ADP1720ARMZ-R7 is shows R1=57.6k and R2=27k. If I am reading ADP1720.pdf page 10 correctly, this produces a voltage of 3.8V instead of the desired…

  • RE: 关于AD7124-4的问题

    1. ADP1720-ADJ 的输出电压是多少?1.225*(1 + 57.6/27) = 3.838V

    这个问题我之前已经处理,56.7与27 调换一下就可以了。



  • ADuCM360 AVDD


    Our customer is designing his board using ADuCM360.

    He looks that AVDD is connected to outptu of ADP1720 through  some capacitor and a bead in the description of the datasheet P.23 and UG-367 P.174 .

    Do we need some capacitor and a bead  to meet…

  • RE: 关于应用笔记CN0319


    最近正再做温度传感器,采用了CN0319的方案,现在有一个疑问,关于VLOOP-  和 板子地DGND的。

    外部供电进来(VLOOP,VLOOP-),但是ADP1720电源输入为(VLOOP,DGND)  整个板子的是浮地的。

    DGND基准随47.5R电阻上流过的电流大小而变化 电流:4~20mA     Vrloop:0.19~0.95V    

    请问:整个板子能正常工作吗? 能的话,能校准吗?

  • Current rating for AD7124-8 - external power supply


    I can't find a current rating for the AD7124-8 evaluation boards, only that the input voltage range is 7-9V. (It looks like the external power source is sent through a linear regulator (ADP1720), but I also couldn't find an input current for this…

  • RE: Bad data and resets when interfacing the AD7124 to Raspberry Pi


    Yes, the AVDD should be 3.3V. The analog part will not power up if AVDD is below the minimum specified level of 2.7V(low and mid power mode) and 2.9V (full power mode). Can you check if all of the jumpers and connections are at all default connections…