• ADP1706 Recommended Thermal VIA and Stencil

    Hi Guys,

    Please let me know the following about ADP1706ARDZ-1.2-R7. 

    1) Recommended dimension of thermal via on exposed pad.
    2) Recommended dimension of stencil.

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  • ADP1706 Ripple problem

    I am a newbie power supply designer.

    I have 44 mV of ripple (from my switching regulator)  going into my linear regulator at f=1MHz. I have Cin=Cout=4.7uF. The linear regulator is not reducing the ripple. I tried adding small value caps at the output…

  • RE: ADIS惯性传感器选型问题

    您好。ADIS16334,ADIS16364, ADIS16445零偏稳定性、温度校准范围、温漂等也有不同。详细区别请参考产品数据手册。传感器抗磁场干扰能力比较好,使用控制器通过SPI接口和传感器通信就可以使用。您可以参考ADIS16445,ADIS16485.电源可以参考ADP1706/1707/1708

  • RE: Recommended 1.8V regulator for 8 DDS chips

    Hi Prakash BJ,

    The AVDD and DVDD supply pins of the AD9959 draws a maximum of 325mA when all channels are turned on.

    The 800mA maximum output current of the ADM7160 can only supply up to two DDS chips.

    There are higher current output LDOs such as the…

  • RE: ADP7104供电问题




  • Noise Considerations in High-Speed Converter Signal Chains

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a brief snapshot of an article I am writing that will be published in August on DSP-FPGA.com.

    “Noise Considerations in High-Speed Converter Signal Chains”

    Designing in high-speed analog signal chains can be somewhat challenging…

  • RE: AD9266 digital output level

    Hi Jacques,

    Thanks for trying the drive strength adjustment. I should have mentioned this earlier; the different fields in Register 0x15 are enabled/disabled by Bit[7] in Register 0x14. For example, the default value of Register 0x14[7:0] = 0x00, which…

  • RE: AD9777: Full-Scale Output Current limit

    Hi Tom

    Many thanks for this.

    After a lot of wire mods, I got the AD9125 eval board working with the tester. I am able to read and write to the device and get a signal on the DAC outputs using the NCO. I tried the Parallel port, but this was unsucessfull…

  • LDO用于数字负载、模拟负载以及射频负载需要关注哪些指标?



  • ADP2114/2116 output current


    I am trying to consider DC-DC regulator to the power of analog circuit with a high sensitivity. As a result of reading the attached file, I want to consider the ADP2114/2116.

    1. Using single mode, it outputs 4A/6A. For example, by connecting