• ADP165 Discharge resistor value


    I'm DFAE in Japan. I have a question about the resistor value for discharge of ADP165.

    Could you please advise me the resistoe value of R1? Our customer needs the value for estimation of a discharge time.

    Best regards,


  • Pass through mode of ADP165

    Could you please explain the function of pass through mode on ADP165 ?

    When and how does it work ?


  • Questions about the light Sensitivity of the AD8233 and AD5940 using the WLCSP package

    My customer was affected by ambient light when using the ADP165 as a WLCSP package.

    (Related to `` LIGHT SENSITIVITY OF WLCSPs '' on page 21 of the ADP165 datasheet)

    My customer is trying to use the AD8233 and AD5940 using the WLCSP package in…

  • ADP5901 Connection of System load direct to battery


    I am using a ADP5901 with a TEG and small secondary battery as my storage device.

    From previous conversations the most efficient way to power my sensor would be to use the Vsys output and use an LDO like an ADP165.

    My question is, that when configuring…

  • RE: 3.3v from ADP5090 + single-cell li-ion?


    if you want to get ta 3.3V output from the battery, you can use a ultra-low power LDO ADP165/165 or switching regulator ADP5301 connecting to SYS.

  • RE: ADP5091 Vsys and Vreg output voltage

    Hi Pete,

    Yes, the SYS and BAT would finally arrive the same level that set by the TERM threshold. You can use the REG_OUT as the regulated output for your load. Or you can use additional low power regulator like ADP165 or ADP5300 to power your load. The…

  • RE: How to power ADXL362 with consumption as low as possible


    The power supply for the ADXL362 must be between 1.6 and 3.5V. Is it possible to use an ultra low power voltage reference such as ADP165 in your application? A quick glance at the spec table for this regulator seems to indicate that it should be…

  • 最新ADI官方中文技术资料更新 (2015年5月)

  • 智能可穿戴医疗保健设备,您必须考虑的设计要素与挑战





  • 智能可穿戴医疗保健设备解决方案




    可穿戴医疗保健设备可定义为能够自主监控或支持特定医疗功 能的无创式系统。(可穿戴的国家标准正在制定中) “可穿戴”一词说明该设备要么是直接佩戴在人体上的设备, 要么是一件衣服,并且具有适当的设计,支持其用作可穿戴配 件。广义上讲,这要求该设备具有极小的尺寸和重量,功能自 主,自备电源,易于使用,而且穿戴舒适。