• RE: ADP1614; Largest SS capacitor allowed?

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  • ADP1614 as a LED Driver

    Hi All,

    My customer investigating low cost LED driver IC.

    Is it possible to use ADP1614 as a LED Driver with its adjustable current limit function?

    If yes, can I obtain reference circuit for 5 white LEDs in series?

    Thank you for your support.


  • RE: ADP1613 SEPIC design steps

    Hi sereza1981,

    Using the excel tool, the ADP1614 could be used but it can only provide up to 1.2A.

    You may also take a look at LT8357. LT8357 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices. It should have an available model in LTpowerCAD.

  • RE: Problem with the ADP1613

    Probably you hit the overcurrent/short-circuit  protection,  as your switch current will be around this  that value.

    With Vout=15 @ 0.5A and Vin=5V and about 90% Efficiency assumption (Fig.1), you have about 1.2 * 15V*0.5A / (5V*0.9) ~ 2Ain. 
    Figure 16 shows…

  • RE: Problem with ADP1614ACPZ-R7 boost design

    Hi Fil, thank you very much for the answer.

    Zener and R32 are not mounted. I only mount components por Boost conversion for avoid possible external errors.

    I'm going to test these 3 nodes.

    Application is part of a new model of EV Charging Station…

  • RE: ADP1621 Sepic & Cuk Design Poor Efficiency

    Hi Otmar,

    It actually makes sense to increase the inductor value. You may want to check Sepic-Cuk designer tool in ADP161x similar boost controller series to help you optimize the parts selected.


  • ADIsimPower Design Tools Download

    IC                  Design Tool                                                                    Download Tool  URL

    LDOs            ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search  http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADI_LinearRegulators.zip

    ADP1612     ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADP161x_BoostDesigner.zip

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  • ADP1613 high noise on output (400mVpp)


    I designing a power supply +5V and -/+15V with ADP1613 and ADP1614 (+/-15V) for ADAS3022 and DAC LTC2668 from Linear Technology. I use ADP1613 to generate 6.5V from 5V input, then I use LDO to get clean 5V for analog circuit. After doing measurements…