There is a question about loop compensation of ADP1614.

    Lower mentioning is in the data seat.

    ADP1614 DS


    For most applications, the compensation resistor should be…

  • ADP1614 boost voltage

    ADP1614 boost voltage input 5V output 15V and following Evaluation Board User Guide UG-437 to do circuit desing ,during application that I having a problem of boost voltage to 15V will instant current consumption around 1.2A at beginning and after few…


    Can someone explain the "extra" MOSFET in the CUK/SEPIC configuration of this circuit?  It is shown in the output of the Excel design tool, but it is not shown in app note AN-1106.

  • ADP1614; Largest SS capacitor allowed?

    What is the largest capacitor that can be used on the Soft Start pin of the ADP1614? It contains an internal low-side switch to reset the capacitor in response to certain events (such as thermal shutdown) which implies that there is an upper board on…

  • ADP1614 connected in Parallel


    I am looking for a Boost Voltage Controller/Regulator that can provide the following

    1) Input Voltage = 3.7V

    2) Output Voltage = 5V

    3) Output Current = 4A

    Is it possible to connect two ADP1621/ADP1614 in parallel to get 4A?


    Can we connect…

  • ADP1614 as a LED Driver

    Hi All,

    My customer investigating low cost LED driver IC.

    Is it possible to use ADP1614 as a LED Driver with its adjustable current limit function?

    If yes, can I obtain reference circuit for 5 white LEDs in series?

    Thank you for your support.


  • Large Ripple at the ADP1614 Output

    The above image shows the schematics of the two-stage boost conversion. 

    Stage 1: Battery/Bench-top power supply to ADP1614 to obtain regulated 5V output. The 5V is then used for the following:

               a. It connects to an ADP7104 (P3 on the schematic) which…

  • ADP1614 不能带电子负载


      请帮忙分析下,为何在电子负载情况下,不能正常工作? 非常感谢

  • RE: ADP1613 current drive

    Hi Ajith,


    The ADP1613 can NOT support 5V in 5.9V @2A out due to the current limit of the IC. The option is using ADP1614 instead of ADP1613. And the ADP1614 has smaller size ( 9mm^2 10-lead LFCSP) compared to the ADP1613 (14.7mm^2  8-lead MSOP). 

  • RE: ADP1613, inrush current at inductor

    Hi Hong,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. We can try the way using precharged cout.

    In addition, I saw ADP1614 datasheet and know it is resemble to ADP1613 and doesn't show inrush current at inductor such ADP1613 shows, however not pin-compatible…