• RE: ADP1613 current drive

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    The ADP1613 can NOT support 5V in 5.9V @2A out due to the current limit of the IC. The option is using ADP1614 instead of ADP1613. And the ADP1614 has smaller size ( 9mm^2 10-lead LFCSP) compared to the ADP1613 (14.7mm^2  8-lead MSOP). 

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    There is only one Figure in the ADP1614 Datasheet ( Fig 20) is related to startup, in which the operating condition for the ADP1614 is similar to that of the ADP1613 in Figure 32,33, starting up with precharged Cout…


    My understanding is that the Q1 switch in that figure is the internal FET in ADP1614... In the schematic capture above, there are essentially two FETs in series...

  • Large Ripple at the ADP1614 Output

    The above image shows the schematics of the two-stage boost conversion. 

    Stage 1: Battery/Bench-top power supply to ADP1614 to obtain regulated 5V output. The 5V is then used for the following:

               a. It connects to an ADP7104 (P3 on the schematic) which…

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    Have a look at the ADP1621in the SEPIC configuration or the ADP1614 in the SEPIC configuration. Also, if your were not aware, we have this fantastic design tool called ADIsimPower. It is really simple to use, and they are excel based. See the links…

  • RE: ADP1614; Largest SS capacitor allowed?

    Hi Jonathan,

    The soft start capacitor Css can not be used for programming the startup time accurately for the ADP1614. The main function of Css of the ADP1614 is to prevent the input inrush current during startup.  Tss = Css*1.23V/5uA is the time that…



    There is a question about loop compensation of ADP1614.

    Lower mentioning is in the data seat.

    ADP1614 DS


    For most applications, the compensation resistor should be…

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  • RE: ADP1614 as a LED Driver

    Hi Ricky,

    Please refer to the following schematic for driving LEDs in series using the ADP1614:

    At no load condition (LED remove or broken), the LED string removes the pathway from the output to Feedback Pin of ADP1614, the voltage at the feedback…