• RE: ADP1613, inrush current at inductor

    Hi Hong,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. We can try the way using precharged cout.

    In addition, I saw ADP1614 datasheet and know it is resemble to ADP1613 and doesn't show inrush current at inductor such ADP1613 shows, however not pin-compatible…

  • RE: ADP1613 current drive

    Hi Ajith,


    The ADP1613 can NOT support 5V in 5.9V @2A out due to the current limit of the IC. The option is using ADP1614 instead of ADP1613. And the ADP1614 has smaller size ( 9mm^2 10-lead LFCSP) compared to the ADP1613 (14.7mm^2  8-lead MSOP). 

  • RE: 3V to 20V Boost for Low Current Application


    a boost regulator like the ADP1613 or ADP1614 will do the job.


    We also have a design tool available to get you started, you can find that at:

    ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool (Version: 1.9 Size: 15.4 MB) includes ADP1612…

  • 关于ADP1613生成正负10V的问题






  • RE: AD5721R Circuit Implementation Questions


    Item 1. If you need 16V output from 3.3V input, ADP1613 is ok. You may want to do 17V output at ADP1613 and then to an ADP7142 to get 16V.  LDO is recommended for better noise performance.
    Note: The datasheet actually only recommends only 1 ADP5070…

  • RE: Can you show me how to make an ADP1613 spice model?


    Sorry but we do not have any SPICE model for ADP1613.

    May I know what you need from the model or simulation?

    Alternatively, you may download any of the design tools available for ADP1613, and here they are:


  • RE: Boost about ADP1613


    You may download the design tool in "ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool" in ADI website.  It will help you with the right choice of components including the diode.


  • Trouble with ADP1613 DC/DC

    I have designed a circuit according to the reference circuit found in the ADP1613 datasheet. Attached is my schematics and PCB.

    Problem is that when i power the circuit, my PSU current-limits even though no load (ive tried bleeder resistors, doesnt work…

  • ADP1613 and ADM7150 layout suggestions


    I'm designing a power supply for data acquisition device which needs clean 5V. I decided to use ADP1613 and ADM7150 ICs to get 6.2V from SEPIC DC/DC converter and 5V from LDO. Power requirement is 5V@200mA and less then 1mV ripple. I want to…

  • ADP1613 SEPIC - spikes on output

    I am using an ADP1613 in a SEPIC configuration to convert either a 3.6V battery or a 9V power input into a 5V output. I used the ADP161x SEPIC designer to get the correct component values. A power path circuit chooses the 9V if present or the 3.6V if…