• ADP1613 current drive


    I want to use ADP1613 to step up 5V to 5.9V. Please let me know if this regulator supports 2A at 5.9V.

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  • Equivalent to ADP1613 and OP777

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    Is it possible to know if the integrated circuits ADP1613 and OP777 have a DIL/DIP package? If not, do they have equivalent ICs in that form?

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  • Boost about ADP1613

    I find this reference designed,there are some form that show the result of the designed.I want to know how you calcurate the parameters. is there a excel or model to help to calcurate the parameters?like the calcurate power of the diodes?


  • Trouble with ADP1613 DC/DC

    I have designed a circuit according to the reference circuit found in the ADP1613 datasheet. Attached is my schematics and PCB.

    Problem is that when i power the circuit, my PSU current-limits even though no load (ive tried bleeder resistors, doesnt work…

  • ADP1613, inrush current at inductor


    We can see quite big inrush around 3~4A at inductor current on the datasheet(Rev.D) Figure 31. of ADP1613, under the condition of Css=100nF, as shown in below enclosed by red.

    Could you please let me know how to prevent above inrush at the inductor…

  • ADP1613 and ADM7150 layout suggestions


    I'm designing a power supply for data acquisition device which needs clean 5V. I decided to use ADP1613 and ADM7150 ICs to get 6.2V from SEPIC DC/DC converter and 5V from LDO. Power requirement is 5V@200mA and less then 1mV ripple. I want to…

  • ADP1613 SEPIC - spikes on output

    I am using an ADP1613 in a SEPIC configuration to convert either a 3.6V battery or a 9V power input into a 5V output. I used the ADP161x SEPIC designer to get the correct component values. A power path circuit chooses the 9V if present or the 3.6V if…

  • ADP1613 high noise on output (400mVpp)


    I designing a power supply +5V and -/+15V with ADP1613 and ADP1614 (+/-15V) for ADAS3022 and DAC LTC2668 from Linear Technology. I use ADP1613 to generate 6.5V from 5V input, then I use LDO to get clean 5V for analog circuit. After doing measurements…

  • Elaboration regarding the ADP1613's capacitor equations

    Hello folks,

    So I'm attempting to use the ADP1613 dc/dc converter to take an input of approximately 5.4V and output 18V. Some of the equations involved have wound up confusing me; the ones that have me mainly hung up are the calculations for the Rcomp…

  • About ADP1613 COMP pin absolute maximum rating


    I have a question about COMP pin absolute maximum rating.

    In the datasheet, COMP to GND = 1.0V to 1.6V.

    But I don't know 1V to 1.6V absolute maximum rating. 

    Is the operation range 1V to 1.6V?

    My customer found 2.1V COMP pin voltage in the customer…