• AD1612 Design tool


    Perhaps someone could clarify.

    Using the design tool of the ADP1612 I just specifify these targets (in order to get lowest possible ripple, I understand these limiting).

    So i have these specs

    And I get this

    I'm a bit disappointed by the LC filter…

  • RE: 3V to 20V Boost for Low Current Application


    a boost regulator like the ADP1613 or ADP1614 will do the job.


    We also have a design tool available to get you started, you can find that at:

    ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool (Version: 1.9 Size: 15.4 MB) includes ADP1612…

  • RE: Help me !!  Shutdown fuction of LT1305

    Hi Fibercom,

    Please note EngineerZone is designed to provide a quick and easy way for users of select Analog Devices products to help each other with technical questions. The code of conduct prohibits posting information that does not relate to resolving…

  • RE: Dual-supply design from phantom power

    Jerad and I had some off line discussions and the solutions was narrowed to use a 9V battery and generate a regulated +/-9V supply with an additional 3.3V.


    For the +/-9V:

    You can use the Coupled SEPIC cuk topology to develop the +/-9V (adjustable…

  • RE: ADM8845 backlight LED driver consumes too much current

    Ok, I think I understand the issue now.  Actually there are 2 problems:

    1.  Since you're operating right at the point of the gain change (3.33V), you could be in either 1.5x mode or 2x mode.  If Vin does not have enough cap on it, then when you change…

  • RE: Boost Circuit Design - ADP1621 suitable?


    So it appears you have downloaded some of our design tools.  As you will notice at the top of the ADP1621 boost designer the schematic is labeled "Complete Schematic for Demo Board;"  You need to look at the BOM located below the scehmatic…

  • ADIsimPower Design Tools Download

    IC                  Design Tool                                                                    Download Tool  URL

    LDOs            ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search  http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADI_LinearRegulators.zip

    ADP1612     ADP161x Boost Regulator Design Tool http://download.analog.com/PMP/ADP161x_BoostDesigner.zip

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  • RE: 关注可穿戴技术的看过来——可穿戴设备电源管理方案



    1、电池充电器 IC——ADP5061/5

    ADP5061充电器完全符合USB 3.0USB电池充电规格1.2ADP5065完全符合USB 2.0USB 3.0USB电池充电规格1.1),可通过mini-USB VBUS引脚从墙壁充电器、车载充电器或USB主机端口进行充电。

    ADP5061输入电压范围为4 V6.7 VADP5065的范围为4 V5.5 V),最高可耐受20 V电压。此耐受度缓解了断开或连接时的USB总线尖峰问题。



  • 关注可穿戴技术的看过来——可穿戴设备电源管理方案

    关注可穿戴技术的看过来——可穿戴设备电源管理方案 by ADI_Amy





    RE: 关注可穿戴技术的看过来——可穿戴设备电源管理方案…